Why Teachers Accountability is Important in The Classroom

Why Teachers Accountability is Important in The Classroom

Every profession has some sets of rules, regulations, ethics, and morals that they need to be accountable for. A teacher who has high ethics and morals are employed by the best CBSE schools. A teacher is required to follow all sets of rules and regulations and is required to take accountability for her actions, especially in the current education system scenario. The teachers accountability holds great importance because they hold a great deal of significance in the overall development of the students. For a teacher, their accountability shows their dedication to their job. 

The teacher is responsible for their student’s success or failure. As a teacher, it is their duty to make sure that the students are learning properly. She is in charge of the students and any action that they do, the teacher is held responsible for that. 

Teachers Accountability

A teacher of a co-ed residential school is expected to show accountability in her behavior in the following ways: 

  1. To be excellent not just in the subject that they teach but also should be able to understand the learning requirements of the students. 
  1. They must have the potential to take care of the progress of the student as per their ability. 
  1. An accountable teacher must be able to shape the students’ future through the process of learning and teaching. And make them acquire knowledge, and develop their academic potential. 

The accountability of the teacher is checked upon because the parents who sent their children to one of the best CBSE schools look out for quality education and as a teacher, it is their duty to make the classroom environment in such a way that they fulfill all the essential duties.

Key Areas Of Accountability Of A Teacher:

It is the responsibility of the teacher to hold professional responsibility with the students.  The basic responsibilities that a teacher must fulfill apart from e duties mentioned above are: 

  • Should hold a good amount of knowledge in their area of specialization.
  • The teachers must be fully aware of the mental ability of their students and should follow the Curriculum in that way only. 
  • The teachers must provide special attention to weak students.
  • They should work towards the improvement of the students. 
  • Teachers must seek active participation in societal causes.
  • The moral value lessons must be imparted by the teachers to the students regularly. 

Who is Responsible For The Classroom Environment?

Educators are responsible for the learning environment in their classes. The environment directly or indirectly affects the success of the students. The teachers/educators are given high regard on this issue because they not only teach them but also make the learning environment more efficient. But it’s also true that the students in a co-ed residential school are responsible for their own learning and success.

Relation Of Teacher Accountability And Student Achievement

when it comes to students’ performance in class, the teachers’ quality is the most crucial factor that influences the students’ achievement. Teachers need to maintain an environment in the classroom which ultimately leads the students to behave well in class.

Effects And Importance Of Teacher Accountability 

The teachers’ accountability holds great importance and leads to a significant effect on the students. The effects and importance are as follows: 

  • The teacher of the best CBSE schools helps in instilling the students with passion and drive which makes them achieve their goals. 
  • They help in shaping the overall personality, oratory characteristics, and spiritual capabilities of the students. 
  • When a teacher is accountable, the student does not feel burdened in putting forward their viewpoint. 
  • The educator must be able to avail of proper facilities in the classroom.  
  • The teaching program must be unbiased, and inclusive and should not be discriminatory.
  • The teacher must be able to assess every student and must be able to cater to their needs.  

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