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    Best Boarding School in India for International Students

    The Asian School is No. 1 Boarding School in India for better education of young minds. However, if you plan to put your children in one of them, you should do a detailed analysis of the school as it is related with your child future. You should always choose the school which gives importance to not only education but also to extra curricular activities.

    India is known for having world-best educational institutions, schools & colleges. There are many good boarding schools in India that provide good education to International students. The school lays the foundation of a child and being a parent, you need to ensure that the best one is provided to your child.

     ‘Best’ is a relative term which is based upon your choice, preference, budget & many more.

    As there are many such schools that make sure their students excel in every aspect of life. If you’re looking for the best boarding schools in India for your kids, then read on as we bring you one of the best boarding school which provides quality education to the students.

    The Asian School, Dehradun is among the schools which boasts of offering the best education to the pupils coming from far-flung areas. The school is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) which offers an English medium secular co-education from classes Nursery to XIIth.

    The Asian School has an enchanting view of ‘Dev Bhoomi’ with a wide variety of birds and trees. It aims at inculcating good reading habits, developing communication skills while integrating learning process in students.

    The main thing which attracts parents, as well as students towards the school, is that it gives exposure to hidden young talents. On the academic part, Activity-based learning and Project learning is given special importance.

    Excellent sports opportunities followed with mid-term adventure breaks are also provided on certain weekends.

    All these activities instill an overall development among the children and make them strong from within.

    Be it anywhere, just you need to make sure that the school offers the best facilities followed with good education to children. Make your child creative, responsible and the better citizens of tomorrow.

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