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      Advantages Of Taking Asian School Franchise

      We recognize the obstacles that may arise during the initial stages and appreciate the difficulty you may encounter. From enrollment and day-to-day operations to retention, we bring our expertise and experience to make the process effortless for you. Our commitment to providing comprehensive support and a genuine partnership in every aspect remains unwavering.

      • Our team of world-renowned architects, have meticulously designed a comprehensive architectural manual for the development of your school's building and other facilities.
      • We provide assistance in sourcing approved vendors for technology, school furniture, and other necessary equipment to offer you cost-effective solutions of exceptional quality. Our carefully selected vendors guarantee excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.
      • Our experts will provide recommendations for the interior decor, furnishings, and beautification requirements of your school.
      • We provide guidance on setting up a comprehensive IT infrastructure for your school.
      • We offer support from specialized vendors for educational technologies to be utilized in classrooms, labs, and other learning environments.
      • Our unique school management software takes care of all school operations, from attendance tracking to fee management.
      • We also provide educational software and content tailored to meet curriculum requirements.
      • Our team provides guidance on setting up servers and related infrastructure.
      • We offer vendor support for school uniforms and books.
      • Our team conducts school assessments and academic and operational audits to provide valuable insights.
      • We provide guidance on the methods and processes required for the efficient functioning of the school in accordance with relevant norms and regulations.
      • Hiring and Selection Process for the Principal
      • Principal Support for Hiring Teachers and Senior Staff Members
      • Orientation and Training for Teachers and Principal
      • Annual On-Site Training and Quarterly Online Training for Staff
      • IT Staff Training in ERP Implementation
      • Marketing and Operations Team Training for Admissions and Relationship Building.
      • We offer assistance in developing effective admission strategies and plans that are tailored to the local area based on our expert inputs.
      • Our team provides regular mentoring to counsellors to make the admission process more effective and hassle-free. 
      • We offer unique city-based activations to generate awareness and promote your school in the local community.
      • We organize regular parenting workshops, counseling sessions, and open houses to encourage parent engagement and facilitate communication.
      • In order to gather all the teachers from all the locations, a centralized training is organised.
      • Trainings cover topics such as Asian philosophy, unique pedagogy, and classroom management.
      • Administrative staff receive training on school processes.
      • Orientation and guidance are provided to management, principal, and other stakeholders.
      • Branding of individual schools within the organization.
      • Access to high-quality marketing and promotional materials.
      • Centralized design of materials such as catalogs, business cards, letterheads, and advertisements.
      • Development and maintenance of individual school websites and social media platforms.
      • We provide a comprehensive assessment procedure for students that is customized to meet their specific requirements.
      • Our team helps you create a plan for co-curricular and extracurricular activities to enhance the overall learning experience of your students.
      • We offer constant support to teachers through a wealth of resources available at The Asian School.
      • We provide detailed manuals and lists for disciplines, books, stationery, literature, teaching and learning materials, and more to streamline your school's administrative processes.


      ARE YOU TOO?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Its easy !!! Please fill in the franchise enquiry form and our expert advisors will contact you.

      To know more about our process, you may fill in your contact details here Our team will contact you at the earliest.

      To open an Asian School you would need a minimum of 2 acres of land as per CBSE guidelines. We recommend at least 3 acres to start with.

      Or you may follow the below mentioned table :

      For Metro Cities1 Acre Plus
      For Tier 2 CitiesMinimum 2
      For Tier 3 and 4 CitiesMinimum 3

      Yes, location of the land plays a very vital role. The land should be in an area not too far off from local population to reduce the commute time for children, and away from hazardous industries. Accessibility, infrastructure visibility, safety of the neighborhood, presence of other schools would be some factors for you.

      Asian School provides a 360 degree support to make your school one of the most sought after school in your city.

      The support includes :

      1. Site survey and market catchment analysis
      2. Infrastructure design support
      3. Hiring and training of staff
      4. Academic and curriculum support
      5. Technology support
      6. Online digital marketing support for brand building and admissions
      7. Operational support which includes vendor and logistics liasioning
      8. CBSE affiliation support
      9. Access to HR manuals, operation manual, Safety manual etc.

      The timeframe may depend on the speed of construction which may take between 12 months to 24 months.

      The investment depends on various aspects as land size, city, first phase of construction etc.  However, the estimate investment for the first phase would be around 8-9 crores. We can also assist you with a detailed project report whenever it will be required.

      The agreement shall be signed for a minimum of 20 years.

      Yes. But the right to refusal and discretion to open another Asian school remains with the Franchisor. Before approving a second school in the same city, we analyze various factors like density and size of the city, distance from existing school etc.

      Its legally binding for schools to run under a society, trust or a section 8 company. However, if the land is in your name you may lease it out to the trust/society. We shall happily guide you further.

      Our team of experts will guide you to get necessary documentation done for affiliation.

      The fees of the students is mutually decided depending on the initial SWOT anaylsis of the market and other competition schools.

      We shall provide you with the booklist and design of uniform which you may procure locally or we can help you shortlisting vendors for you.

      Post construction of building, we can expect to start the school within 3 months to  6 months. Admissions depends on initial advertising, marketing, infrastructure, fees etc.

      Hiring and training of staff will be done by Asian School H.O.

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