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The Asian School is among the Best Schools in Dehradun which provide CO-Educational Day Cum Boarding School. The Asian School offers CO-Educational education from Nursery to XII and is affiliated to the CBSE Board.

#1 Co-ed Boarding School in Dehradun

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To bring together the traditions and ethos of India with modern technology in an environment where every child is an individual. The Asian School is a day cum boarding school in Dehradun which offers English medium, secular, co-educational education from classes Nursery to XII. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

There is no better place for a child to appreciate the joys of nature and to become environmentally conscious.

From The Principal's Desk

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change”, so stated American psychologist Carl Rogers and today more than ever the aim of educationists is to teach students how to learn, while adapting to the ‘new normal’. I joined the school in the most unique and unprecedented times, which is when the entire world was under a lockdown. However, though the gates of schools were shut, the process of teaching and learning definitely was not and therefore we too, the management and staff…Read More

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The Asian School is one of the best day cum boarding schools in Dehradun.

This boarding school provides the best education with social and cultural values. Apart from academics, the Boarding schools in Dehradun also focus on the overall development of students. This reputed boarding school in Dehradun was opened in the year 2000 by the Asian Educational Charitable Society. With the many best boarding schools in Dehradun, the Asian School is ranked as the best boarding school.

The Asian school is a day cum boarding co-educational school that runs the classes from Nursery to XII and gives the English medium atmosphere. This school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The main purpose of Asian School is to provides world-class education to learners. Along with academics, this school also focuses on extracurricular activities and offers excellent dining and residential facilities to students. Furthermore, this boarding school encourages students to expose them to a modern and advanced technological environment and develop sound ethical values to become world citizens.

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    Why The Asian School?

    The school gives holistic education to students containing distinct moves of learning that assist them to encourage the leader within. This professional is a completely boarding education and has completed so invariably and without losing control of these major features since its foundation.

    The high power of the school comes from the rapports across the community and the feeling of companionship that these foster. The complete boarding climate inspires a robust feel of community and assists to evolve rapports that would be maintained – and be maintained – in life over the school.  

    • Our boarding education is set the target to students from all around the India and world. This is hence able to inculcate the country’s prosperous and diversified history, origin, and convention in its pupils.
    • The Asian School is material and hence is started with students from all states, backgrounds, religions, and casts.
    • The blend of that pioneering desire to give the finest education to students makes the school a remarkable boarding climate. This also gives the school its remarkable status as the top brand with international permits and states.
    • The school has a proven track record in generating excellent leaders in all paths of life and has provided The Asian School and its graduates with a global status.
    • This can offer support in the academics of students from the class nursery to 12th and resource it consequently. The school can concentrate all its vigorous resources on students.
    • The school trust in a learning atmosphere, in which the school faculty are major learners, dedicated to finding and giving the best academic atmosphere to all the learners.
    • We make the students capable to recognize and evolve remarkable qualities, understanding their real probability, completing their rising aims, and taking complete, energetic, and forming part in society.
    • The school also concentrates on extracurricular activities along with academic knowledge and gives outstanding dining and residential features to learners.
    • The school inspires learners to expose them to an advanced technological climate and evolve better moral significance to become great personalities.


    The Asian school supervises the learners in their regular lives, supervising usually well-being and encouraging students as they learn the ways to form and balance their days. The school permits exploration and independence.

    This school provides the experience and social skills to the students in their remarkable setting. The school focus on making a positive learning environment which is attained through the positive significance formed by staff.

    The high reason to send your children to this school is that the school forms a leader personality of a learner and teaches ethical values. The school gives flexibility in education and gives a remarkable benefit regarding college preparation.  

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