The Asian School, Dehradun Shines Bright with Deepotsav Celebration
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On February 9, 2024, The Asian School, Dehradun, radiated warmth and tradition as it embraced Deepotsav again. This cherished annual event, synonymous with truth, wisdom, power, and righteousness, not only marks the culmination of school life for the graduating class but also heralds a new chapter filled with promise and opportunity.

Against the backdrop of hundreds of earthen lamps adorning the White House Court, students preparing for the CBSE Class XII Board Exams in February 2024 were adorned with ‘Kalavas’ and ‘Tilak,’ symbolizing blessings and well wishes for their journey ahead. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the esteemed Principal, Mrs. Ruchi Pradhan Datta, and other school dignitaries, accompanied by a soul-stirring rendition of ‘Vandana’ by the school choir.

In her poignant address, Mrs. Datta emphasized the virtues of courage, preparation, and the desire to overcome the fear of loss. Encouraging the students to approach their exams with confidence and determination, she extended heartfelt blessings to the outgoing batch, expressing unwavering belief in their ability to succeed and bring honor to their alma mater. She also shared invaluable tips and words of encouragement to help students navigate the challenges ahead, emphasizing the importance of time management and striving for excellence.

As part of the Deepotsav tradition, the exchange of earthen lamps symbolized the passing of reverence, power, and responsibility from the outgoing Prefects to their successors. The ceremony was marked by emotional speeches from the graduating students, reflecting on cherished memories and expressing gratitude for their time at The Asian School.

Mr. Gaganjyot Juneja and Mrs. Vartika Sah,Mr. Mukesh Nangia, Head of Senior School, Ms. Prachi Mehrotra, Head Mistress, and the entire teaching staff, graced the occasion.

As the Deepotsav Ceremony drew to a close, the atmosphere buzzed with a mix of emotions, as students bid farewell to their second home while eagerly anticipating the adventures that await. This year’s Deepotsav was not merely a celebration but a poignant reminder of the resilience, camaraderie, and spirit of excellence that define The Asian School community.