1. Registration, admission, and term fees will be confiscated if the student withdraws or doesn’t join in time, and the balance advance and security fee will be refunded.

2. In the event that a parent withdraws their child mid-term, no refund will be given and the security will be confiscated at the school.

3. If parents intend to withdraw their child within a provided timeframe, they must give reasonable notice in writing to the Principal at least 90 days before the commencement of the allotted period, failing which the security deposit amount will also be confiscated.

4. Refunds including security, if any, will be processed after the school audit in November. None of the above-mentioned rules and regulations are specific and the Principal reserves the right to withdraw or grant privileges as he sees fit.

5. An application for withdrawal should be made by providing an application in writing to the Principal. We do not accept oral information.

6. School Leaving Certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after payment of dues.