Vacations & Outings

Students will be allowed out for the day or overnight with their parents, on fixed dates as specified in the annual calendar, with prior intimation to the child’s Housemaster/Mistress, in writing. Alternately, they may be taken out by other visiting relatives or friends, provided the persons concerned have been entered on the child’s ‘Visitors List’ or produce a current letter of permission from the parents and have informed the Housemaster/Housemistress of their intentions in advance.

The school closes from late May to late July in summers and winter vacations are from early December to late January. The School also has a mid-term break every term, during which students are taken on expeditions or educational tours and may not, under any circumstances, during these breaks, go home.


The School makes travel arrangement and provided an escort to any destination provided there are sufficient students to make this viable and six weeks advance notice is given. Children traveling by air will be received from and reached to the airport either in Dehradun or in New Delhi.