Myths of Boys Boarding schools

Myths of Boys Boarding schools: A Comprehensive Guide

Boys boarding schools have been a matter of talk for a long time. Because of this, they have ended up becoming the target of so many myths and stereotypes. People believe in these stereotypes and hesitate to get admission into boarding schools. In this blog, we will break these stereotypes, uncover the Myths of Boys Boarding schools, and reveal the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Diversity is Uncommon in Boys Boarding schools

There is a myth that says diversity is uncommon in boys’ boarding schools which is not true. Admissions for students from different cultures and environments are not forbidden in boys boarding schools. Students from different cultures and environments can enroll there. So it is very common to find diversities and mixing of cultures in boys boarding schools. This statement is enough to break the stereotype that diversity is uncommon in boys boarding schools. 

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Myth 2: Boys Boarding schools are Stuffy and Teachers are Rude

The myth that says boys’ Boarding schools are Stuffy and Teachers are Rude doesn’t represent the reality. These schools provide a great learning environment. Teachers also understand the situation of students who live away from their homes and their loved ones. So teachers try their best to support the students and create a supportive environment. Teachers usually care a lot about their students and they want them to do better in their life. Boarding schools often focus on students’ personal growth along with their studies. 

Myth 3: Boys Boarding Schools are Located in the Middle of Nowhere

Boys boarding schools are not always located in the middle of nowhere. Many of them are situated in cities or near cities. That gives students the opportunity to be in touch with modern cities and gives them learning experiences. Even if these boarding schools are in rural areas, students can get their learning experience in a peaceful environment. 

Myth 4: It is Difficult for Day Students and Boarders to Form Close Friendship

It is not true that day students and boarders can not be close friends. Day students and boarders are not treated differently. They get even opportunities. So there is no reason for them to feel any different from each other. Sometimes boarding schools also organize fun activities that help them to get along. Friendship isn’t limited by where you sleep at night, from where you belong or what’s your background. Friendship can be built when your thoughts and interests match. Mutual respect also plays a big role in building friendships. 

Myth 5: Classes at Boarding Schools are Extremely Difficult and Overwhelming

In boys boarding schools students are provided with different options of subjects. They are not forced to choose difficult subjects. They are free to choose the subject according to their liking. Studying in boarding schools becomes more interesting because of sports and other activities along with studies. 

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Myth 6: Most Boarding Schools Don’t Offer Fun Activities

Boarding schools always provide a variety of fun activities for their students. These fun activities include sports and athletics, clubs, outdoor adventures, arts and creativity, cultural and educational trips, dancing and singing, and social events, etc. These examples are enough to break this myth that boarding schools don’t offer fun activities. 

Myth 7: Students are Forced to Attend Boarding School

Nowadays, students are well aware that getting an education is is most important these days. They also are aware of the educational environment provided by boarding schools. So choosing a boarding school for their studies depends on their own choice. While there may be situations where a student’s parents strongly encourage them to attend a boarding school. But it is not accurate to say that students are forced into it. The decision depends on mutual consent. 

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Myth 8: Boarding Schools are Only For the Wealthy

It’s not true that boarding schools are only for the wealthy and middle-class people can not afford to get admission into boarding schools. The fee structure of some boarding schools might be high. But the same thing doesn’t apply to all boarding schools. Some boarding schools provide scholarships and relaxations for students who can’t afford it based on merit or other criteria. So you can easily find a boarding school where you don’t have to go out of your budget.

Myth 9: It is Difficult To Connect With Family While Attending Boarding School

Many boarding schools in dehradun provide scheduled breaks on weekends. Students can visit their families during these breaks. These schools also organize parent-teacher meetings. Parents can visit their children during these meetings. These days technology is so high that you can always stay connected to your family by video calls, messaging apps, and social media platforms. So the myth that It is Difficult To Connect With Family While Attending Boarding School is not true. Technology has made it easier to communicate no matter how far we live. 

Myth 10: Attending boarding School Ensures Admission to Higher Colleges and Universities 

Admission to higher colleges and universities doesn’t depend on attending a boarding school. A student who hasn’t attended boarding school can also get admission to a higher college and university if his academic performance is good. Every Higher school and university has its own admission policy. You don’t necessarily have to be a boarding schooler to get enrolled there. 

Myth 11: You Do Not Get Any Free Time at Boarding School 

The myth that you don’t get any free time at boarding school is just a myth. It has nothing to do with reality. While it’s true that boarding school schedules can be systematic, students also get free time for various activities. They can develop their own interests or simply enjoy their time while relaxing. They also get scheduled breaks on weekends. 

These type of myths sometimes creates doubt about whether we should choose a boarding school for studies or not. But you should not believe in these stereotypes. Believe in your 

research. Don’t miss the chance to get a better education just because of false information.
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