The Asian School Boarding School in Dehradun

The boarding school in Dehradun provides separate residential facilities for boys and girls on campus. All the hostels are well equipped and have all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home.

Trained staff members, including a housemistress and a housemaster, along with a whole range of support staff, are entrusted with the well-being of the children and to ensure that the needs of our pupils are fully met.

Staying in a hostel is a unique experience and anyone who so ever has stayed in one will appreciate the true value of it. It’s a well-known fact that hostel life infuses confidence and makes a child independent that helps him grow mentally and psychologically.

Hostel life instills confidence and makes one independent. It’s an opportunity provided where you make friends for life.

We at The Asian School believe that the best possible environment and resources should be provided to the students so that they can blend themselves and carve out their future paths. The Asian school is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun for girls and boys. 

The Asian School Boarding School in Dehradun

This best co-educational boarding school in Dehradun closely monitors your child’s natural talents, interests and motivates your kids to follow these over the years through their devoted and expert teaching staff.

In this boarding school, a child’s impressionable mind never stops learning, and here is where you know that a boarding school of quality and excellence can offer the best ambiance for your child to not only absorb just academic skills and lessons however also encourage life lessons.

The Asian school in Dehradun recognizes the quick pace at which students of the age that are school going can learn and develop their character and personality. The school always offers an atmosphere that is always nurturing a child’s physical, emotional, and mental development. The pure and fresh environment of school offers an amazing experience through intense sports, rigorous academics, extra-curricular activities, and strong bonds.

Boarding School in Dehradun Activities

The Asian School Boarding School in Dehradun Activities

Staying in a hostel is a unique experience and we at The Asian School believe that the best possible environment and resources should be provided to the students so that they can blend themselves and carve out their future paths.

Personality development and career counseling program are best utilized by our boarders.

Boarders are pampered a lot as they receive the best of everything namely special lectures or attention from visiting faculties for career development, competitive exams, sports, and other co-curricular activities.

Hostel life builds group dynamics and minimizes individual differences. The best part of hostel life is that it enhances the character of the student and makes them stand up to face the competitive and challenging world of today.

This best boarding schools in Dehradun for boys provides modern boarding facilities so that every child can develop to his or her fullest. It offers a full range of facilities to the children, be it a place of studying in groups or alone, a classroom for computer learning. At all levels, recreational reading is encouraged among the students with a wide array of popular books, magazines, and newspapers.

The Asian School strives for excellence in teaching and learning. It offers an exceptional education in a diverse international community. Here, we develop visionary, ethical, and articulate individuals to achieve their full potential in life.

Learning support service is available throughout the school. It caters to the students who are intellectually capable of meeting curriculum and assessment requirements. Individual support is given in terms of boarding facility as well as accommodation. There are specialized teachers and faculty who identify the learning difficulties of the students. The school provides co-ed education to its students where both boys and girls can prosper in the school making it one of the best girls boarding schools in Dehradun.

Boarding students are integrated into an environment rich in cultures, languages, traditions, and celebrations which makes the school the best residential school for girls and boys.

Ranked among the best co-ed residential schools in India, the school offers world-class quality co-ed education to its Students.

Boys and girls stay in separate hostels.

Why Choose The Asian School ?

1.Gives Better Environment for Learning 

The Asian School Gives Better Environment for Learning

A positive climate is formed in this boarding school that is conducive to learning. The architecture of the schools, amenities and other infrastructure are formed with this mind. A sense of protection is also formed for learners since they understand that there would be always people around them who are able to assist them in case they require anything or in case anything happens wrong throughout their stay on campus. This removes stress from learners’ lives because they learn more virtually when they are relaxed and convenient with their surroundings.

2. Increased Social Skills 

The Asian School Increased Social Skills

Learners who attend boarding schools tend to enhance their social skills as they communicate with so many distinctions. They learn how to communicate with others virtually by playing sports or other cluster movements that need teamwork and collaboration. This enhances their interaction skills and capability to act with others under difficult terms.

3. Teaches Responsibilities and Independence 

The Asian School Teaches Responsibilities And Independence

Moreover, to get away from home, The Asian School provides learners with responsibilities such as chores around the school or assisting with younger students’ requirements. these activities teach honesty and obligation – vital qualities that would serve your kid as well the students grow up and becomes very independent. Like any other young adult, teenagers require to practice being on their own to grow the skills required to stay independent as adult students.

4. Enhance Their Personality 

The Asian School Enhance Their Personality

This school assist students grow social skills and powering their self-confidence. This also inspires them to be inventive and independent thinkers. They give you a prospect to develop as an individual, and this also assists you to evolve into a better personality. The climate of this school is generally more relaxed than in public schools, which means that learners are permitted to be themselves and express themselves independently.

5. Quality Education 

The Asian School Quality Education

The major criteria that describe the relevancy and superiority of any school are the quality of education that it imparts. This boarding school in Dehradun makes sure premium quality education for the learners relating to the education and other activities.

Progressive methodologies are complied with to make sure that the learners get the finest schooling and college-preparatory education. Co-curricular activities are also provided significance, and learners are inspired to take part in different programs to find their probability and enhance their skill-sets. Skill evolution events are also a vital part of the curriculum.

6. Safety 

Dehradun is a very protective location throughout India and therefore is deemed the finest for students. Parents pick to send their youngsters to a boarding school in Dehradun. The crime score in the location is very low, and tenants are broad-minded. The remarkable crowd living the spot is created for learners, therefore as a protected climate for the students.

The Asian School is the most useful and sought-after spot. In case you are in search of the appropriate boarding school in Dehradun for your kid that makes sure quality education in a secure climate, then the school is the finest option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did Dehradun become a popular destination for boarding schools?

Dehradun, India’s favorite choice for boarding schools since the British period whether it’s boy’s boarding or girls’ boarding schools it’s a perfect choice. Several boarding schools have been around for more than a century. Parents choose Dehradun because of its course curriculum, beautiful climate, safe environment, and serene beauty.

The city is also known as the school capital, is home to a variety of boarding and day schools. Most of the celebrities have studied in Dehradun. Dehradun is the education hub and parents will send their children to Dehradun boarding schools due to its excellent features.

The atmosphere of Dehradun is paramount to success. Green mountains and beautiful surroundings are hard to miss and offer a great stress-relieving retreat for students. The capital city of Uttarakhand is an excellent getaway for students. Residential schools in Dehradun provide students with top-of-the-line facilities, enabling them to grow holistically and succeed in all aspects of their lives. Students have access to excellent education and career opportunities. Not just academic success is the goal, but greatness in all facets of life.

Q. How is the environment of Boarding Schools in Dehradun?

Studies have shown that students who live in a healthy and happy environment perform better at work and in life. Families search far and wide for the right school that offers all kinds of education and facilities. These schools encourage learning in the most adequate way. Dehradun is a popular choice for parents who want their child to study in the northern belt due to its scenic beauty and excellent weather. Parents often sent their children to Dehradun to teach them the greater scheme of life.

Q. What is the motto of the Boarding School in Dehradun?

Boarding schools in Dehradun promote social life, holistic education, and learning in a great environment. Dehradun is well-known for its education. The boarding schools have provided an environment where children can grow and thrive. Dehradun’s boarding schools closely monitor and encourage your child to pursue their natural talents and interests. In addition, the staff is dedicated to keeping your child motivated. Dehradun’s boarding schools recognize that children at school can learn quickly and develop their character.

Q. Do boarding schools in Dehradun take the entrance test for admission?

Yes, Admission to most boarding schools in Dehradun requires a written entrance exam followed by an interview. Admission to a particular class will be determined by the number of seats available in that particular class.

Q. Are phones allowed in boarding schools?

Not allowed in all schools. Many schools are known for their strict security and rules. These schools offer world-class facilities and may not allow students access to smartphones. These schools offer other communication channels for students and parents.