Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in School

Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in School

School activities play a significant part in the development of students. Co-curricular activities have become a fundamental part of school life and aides in improving students learning at school. These activities are mandatory & necessary for every student to participate. Co-curricular are structured and balanced with the scholastic educational/ academic curriculum so that every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond studies.

Co-curricular activities are intended to bring social & intellectual skills, moral, cultural & ethical values, personality development, and character advancement in students. It includes athletics, social occasions, Library activities, science lab activities, classroom (study hall) activities, creative arts, meditation, and so on.

What do yo mean by Co-Curricular Activities?

Also referred to as ‘extracurricular activities,’ activities which fall outside the regular academic curriculum and a part of the school life is called Co-Curricular Activity.

Co-Curricular Activities are beneficial for students in several ways. Let us see some of the benefits of extracurricular activities:

1. Better Physical & Mental health

These types of activities require students to stay active by active participation in some co-curricular activities. Since they have no chance to skip these as it’s a part of their daily curriculum. Studies have shown that students pursuing some or other hobbies get better results in their studies.

2. Create Opportunities

In this highly competitive world, better grades act as game changers while taking admissions in other schools, colleges, or institutions. Co-curricular activities provide better opportunities as students pursuing these activities are given more preference over those who aren’t involved in such types of activities.

3. Sense of Responsibility & Confidence

When at an early stage of life, children are given tasks of responsibility to handle; they become much better in handling these types of odd situations in their later life too. This fosters a sense of self-confidence, accountability & responsibility within them.

4. Development of Special Skills

Co-curricular activities improve the learning experiences of students, help them identify and develop their inner talents like creative & public-speaking skills, leadership qualities, etc. Co-curricular activities offer them an opportunity of thinking unusually and getting the innovative ideas of their own. These activities help the students develop an enriched learning experience by providing them a chance of imagining new ways of solving an issue or answering a question.

5. Exposure to New Activities

Students are introduced to a wide range of activities that give them better strength while letting them choose what they wish to learn what they enjoy.

Co-curricular activities in schools help students sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation, and sense of belongingness through different types of activities like debates, extempore, recitation. Art and craft competitions, classroom activities like reading, group discussions, and many more. This ultimately helps in developing their overall personality. As some students are unable to outperform in the classroom, but they are also superb athletes, musicians, players, etc.

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