5 Things to look for in a Great Boarding School

5 Things to Look For in a Great Boarding School

The word “boarding school” itself is an understanding as it implies ‘living far away from home’. Choosing to pursue a boarding school education is not a small decision to be taken. When it comes to choosing the right boarding school for your child, there are a number of things to consider.

While most cities in India offer a wide range of school options for students of different ages. But the schools in Dehradun have made their mark in the field of education for decades.

In the Selection for boarding school, it all comes down to the unique qualities of school and their academic success. Different distinctive cultures and mission statements of each school will serve your child’s life in a different way. So, it’s is important to find the best one for your children.

But this is totally a case of personal preference. Don’t worry; you’ve made the right choice for your child’s future. Find the right boarding school that excites and inspires your child to learn the whole year round.

Here are 5 Things to look for in a Great Boarding School

1. Academic Excellence

All parents want to send their kids to a school that encourages Academic and Sports Curriculum. Before that, make sure that the preferred boarding school must be indulging their students into a community which not only aims to advance their education but also boosts their character development along the path they wish to pursue in their later life.

2. Focus on Studies

Being a responsible parent or even a responsible child, you must ensure that the boarding school you’ve chosen to study in, must assure you to produce accomplished results.

As in boarding schools, students are given very limited access to watching television, movies & playing on mobile phones. So, there is a lesser chance of distraction in between studies. Moreover, there must be big classrooms with a small ratio of students so that individual attention must be given on each child.

3. Extra – Curricular Activities

Ensure that what facilities are being offered to the students. They must be exposed to not only academic but also to all types of curricular and extra co-curricular activities like Exposure to games & sports, Inter-house Competitions, Dance, Drama, Music & Art.

All these help in developing an overall personality development of your child.

4. Safety Measures

Check the safety measures, the boarding schools take for the safety of their students. Completly ensure that your child will be secure and thriving in the Boarding school, you chose for him/her.

5. Explore Students’ Interests

Find out about what your kid is interested in? Because boarding school life isn’t all about work & study. Besides performing well in studies, children must be encouraged to channelize their energy in various other fields in which they have an interest such as sports, creative art & craft or any other activity.

They must be allowed to pursue the subjects of their own choice and to express themselves to gain self-confidence. Social engagement is also must for them in order to build up their social and public-speaking skills.

Every parent wants their children to study in the best school & in the best possible way. There are many doubts & questions before sending them off to boarding schools. Be sure to look at all these above-mentioned factors before sending them off to a Boarding school.

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