how to prepare for final exam

How to Prepare for Final Exams

Final Exams are the last hurdle for the students to advance to next class. These exams carry a lot of weight so every student has to appear in exams at the end of their academic year.

No matter, how much have you studied throughout the year but in the few days before the examination, try your best to study and prepare yourself for the exam papers.

Here are some helpful and effective ways about how to prepare for final exams and get everything else done.

  • Time Managementtime-management

Manage the remainig time for preparations and revision of the subjects. Keep a track of what you’ve revised instead of repeating the same topics. 

Create a balanced study plan schedule, so that you will be able to study all the subjects. Don’t mix up all the subjects at once. For this, make a time table of all the tasks you have to do.

  • Prepare Revision Notesprepare-revision-notes

With vast syllabus of subjects, it becomes difficult to revise all the topics before the examinations. Prepare a compact and to the point notes for the important topics which you can use to brush off for the Exam Preparation. 

Go off the cramming part because it can result in forgetting everything you learned. Instead, pick up
your brief notes which you make while the subject goes on in the class.

As reading the notes at the final preparation can help you
remember all the main points and write good answers. 

  • Solve Previous Years Question PapersSolve-previous-years-question-paper

One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams when you don’t have much time is to solve the past exam papers. This helps you to know the format of the exam paper and get you hang of exam time limit.

While preparing for exams, Practice old question paper sets as these give us an idea about the type of questions asked in the examinations.

  • Never Cram Before the Examnever-cram-before-the-exam

Almost all the students have a habit of learning and Cramming topics before the start of the exam.

This is totally the wrong way!

It is advisable not to read new topics before the exam as you may tend to forget the things you have already remembered. Learning before the examination is just like Cramming. And
Cramming will make you forget what you have already learned.

  • Don’t panic!Dont-panic

Don’t let stress overwhelm you.

Don’t panic while preparing for the exams, it’s just an exam. Yes, you have a vast syllabus to cover up and also there is lot of burden of expectations. But, do not let stress overcome your preparations.

At the time of the exam, if a question seems too hard, answer the rest
of  the questions you know, and then return to the ones you left blank.

Stay calm and remind yourself that you will do it all.

  • Write neat, Present wellneat-and-clean-writing

Presenting your answer sheet in a proper way has more chances of getting good scores in the subjects. For this, practice writing better answers before the exams so that you may get used to writing good answers.

Utilize your time properly to get the maximum result out.

All the best for your exams!



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