Tips To Study At Home During Lockdown Period

COVID-19 has a massive impact on our daily lives! As we know that because of the widespread of Coronavirus pandemic, the government extended the lockdown period for 19 days. Everything has come to a standstill due to this strict lockdown. Whether it is schools, government educational institutions, colleges, universities, and coaching centres, everything is temporarily shut down because of widespread coronavirus infection. Due to the coronavirus pandemic not only in India but in many parts of the world, all the educational institutions have been shut. The peoples are being advised to follow social distancing and stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This is the challenging time for all the citizens all over the world. However, this is the only way to stay safe from coronavirus. For today’s generation staying home at all the time can get quite difficult. Because of this lockdown situation, it is tougher for the students to remain homebound. But there is one positive thing that we have a lot of time. So students, instead of wasting this time, take some advantage and utilize it by doing study at home. Coronavirus lockdown brought a temporary halt to lectures and classes, thereby slow down studies and exam preparation. So here we are sharing some tips to study at home during lockdown period.

Here Are Some Tips To Study At Home During Lockdown Period

1.Choose Study Area

Due to the lockdown, everyone is at home, so it becomes difficult to study. So students choose the organized study area where you can concentrate on your studies properly. Choose the study area where no one can disturb you. Whether it’s your own room or table with a chair in the corner, create an organized study area and reserve that area as a study zone. Avoid studying on your bed because it will make you sleepy, and you will not be able to focus on your studies. Apart from this, keep your study area clean so that you can easily find your books and pen and study effectively at home.

2. Make A Proper Schedule

It is important to make a proper schedule because appropriate planning will definitely help you to study effectively at home. As you have a full day so planning a time table will help you to organize your time. In your time table, you should also schedule your break time and fun activity time. Plan the time table according to your subject. You can also use a timer to keep track of your time. The proper time table will help you to handle the multiple subjects.

3. Take Notes

While you are studying at home, it is essential to take notes. Comprise all the details of the source and make sure that note down each and every detail that you studied. It will definitely help you in future for the exam preparation. Taking the notes doesn’t mean that copying all each word given in the book. Make sure that you note important definitions and difficult words Summarize in own words that you have studied and only note the main highlights or points.

4. Video Lectures

Video lectures is the most effective ways to study at home. In video lectures, you can study each and everything easily. In video lectures, you have several options to choose from multiple topics. During this lockdown period, you can easily study at home by watching online videos. From online videos not only in lockdown period but you can also study effectively in normal days. Because in today’s world the visual learning is the most effective way of studying. You have multiple platforms which led to access to video lectures. So there is no need to feel low and missing your lectures because of lockdown.

5. Study At Your Favourite Time

We all are not same we have some productive differences. Some students prefer the morning time study, and some prefer the night. So for an effective study in lockdown period, it is important to choose your favourite time. To study efficiently identify your fruitful time and take advantage of it. But if you are not studying at the fruitful time, then your brainpower will not be working properly, and you are not able to remember anything that you have learnt. For effective learning, study at the time that is fruitful for you and you are alert because this will help you to remember the things that you have learned.

6. Engage In Active Studying

In the lockdown period, active studying is an easy and fun thing to do. During and after the study ask the question from yourself doing this, you can easily grab the things that you have learnt. The active study will give you direction to study effectively and keep you in track in lockdown period. This will also help you to improve your next subject or topic. During the active studying, you can ask the question from yourself like what do I know about this topic? Can I summarize it? Or How to revise this topic? and many more.

7. Eat And Sleep Properly

To study effectively at home due to lockdown, it is important to eat healthy food. Eat an appropriate diet is also crucial during this coronavirus pandemic because it will boost your immune system. Eat food like broccoli, ginger, orange, spinach and many more. Along with eating healthy food, it is also important to take a good nap because taking good naps will also help to study effectively. Sleeping early will help you refresh your mind.

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