How to Deal with Exam Stress

How to Deal with Exam Stress

Examinations are undoubtedly a situation which increases stress on students. Exam season can bring out a lot of stress & anxiety with humour that hinders our studies. Every child undergoes through this stage and learns how to cope up with exam stress. They are also learnt by imitation of the parents or parent figures.

Ideas For How to Deal With Exam Stress

Every student copes with the stress of exams in a different way. So, here are some ideas of how to deal with exam stress:

1. Exercise & get outdoors

As rightly said, exercising is one of the most striking features that seem to occur just when the season brightens up. During exam time, it is known to boost one’s mind while keeping you healthy and active. Exercise also helps in making us more productive while retaining things in mind for long. Thus, it is the best way how to deal with exam stress. 

2. Speak to someone 

Asking for help is not wrong, in most cases, it helps a lot. If at any point you feel like you’re struggling, talk to your good friends, parent, teachers, and tutors. Try to speak with someone about it, if the stress gets to a point where it is unavoidable and affecting your studies as well as everyday life. Get some support from friends & family or consult a good counselor who’ll help you to deal with exam stress.

3. Don’t panic during exams

Taking regular breaks during studies for exam can relax our mind and help us learn more. As even the most exam schedules leave some time for little breaks.

Although, a little stress might be a good thing as it is the motivational push up that is needed for getting things done in the right order. Pace yourself through panic as panicking during, before or after exams is most common among students. Just remember, to every situation there is a logical solution even if it can’t be seen at first.

4. Set realistic goals

One should always set goals to achieve something big in life. Whether you have several weeks, days or hours for your exams to arrive, yet making pre-goals is essential to be successful in Exams. Setting realistic goals for learning helps in putting everything into the right perspective.

Accept your situation while working within the scopes of what you’ve maximized your productivity without the risk of burning yourself out. Also, don’t compare anyone with yourself as “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

5. Eat, drink & sleep well

Not only at the time of exams but also in your daily life, it is essential to take a highly nutritious diet with the right amount of water all the time. Taking unbalanced diet, studying all night with minimum movements increase more stress & anxiety.

Instead, make sure to get proper sleep of 7-8 hours, eat carbs & intake right quantity of water. It is highly suggested to be hydrated mostly during exams in order not to suffer from the problem of dehydration, leading to headaches.

6. Organize yourself

Picture your exams as a time-bound project. If you slightly go off with your pre-planned study schedule, don’t get stressed. Organizing yourself & divide your revision into smaller chunks & get that organized feel. Schedule most of your free time in unwinding the rest of the things which aren’t necessary. Once you got a planned timetable, you won’t indulge in stress anymore.

7. Believe in yourself

Last but not least, believe in yourself. Don’t listen to others (except your parents because they are your well-wishers). When being constantly faced with difficult life situations, we often tend to forget. Also, try to keep the things in correct perspectives even if you won’t achieve as much as you would have thought.

You can still become successful in life later on, no matter what happens during your school or college exams. Believing in yourself will genuinely help you how to cope with exam stress.

Adopt these useful habits as these techniques will help you how to cope with exam stress. Also, include good habits while avoiding the bad ones and . Must read these memory increasing tips that will definately helps you in exam and and also lesser your stress in exam.

Till then, good luck with your exams!

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