Importance of a role model in students life

Importance of A Role Model In The Life of Student

There’s always a person whom we admire a lot for his qualities for many reasons when we are in the growing stage. Generally, it is a parent, sibling, cousin brother/ sister, uncle or aunt, or anyone else who is someone we look up to & imitate.

What Is A Role Model?

Someone who does something well & is worth imitating. A role model influences us in doing everything better in life. He/ she influence us what we do & how we eventually turn out in later life. A good role model serves as an example for inspiring, motivating us to work hard to uncover our true inner potentials while overcoming our weaknesses & to encourage our actions to gain success.

As said by Oliver Goldsmith, People seldom improve when they have no other role model but themselves to copy.

The reason behind this is that a role model keeps us motivated, inspired, tells us our weaknesses & ways of how to overcome those obstacles in life while moving on to the path of success.

Qualities of A Role Model

A positive role model must possess some of these amazing qualities in his or her character:

  1. Shows passion & a clear set of values
  2. Shows commitment to oneself
  3. Have an ability to overcome life obstacles
  4. Have selflessness & Acceptance of others

Everyone needs a role model in life to become successful. Here are some reasons why a role model is vital in a student’s life:

1. Learn The Characteristics of A Successful Person

‘Success’ is a subjective term, but if someone is your role model, then probably he/ she is a successful person in their life. In the case of students, success means to get good grades in examinations & other class tests. If they make a role model for such a person who was or is successful in life, they will also try to imitate the person & will gain success in their academic life.

2. Learn From Your Role Model Mistakes

Man is an effigy of mistakes. No one is 100% perfect in everything, not even our role model. So, it would be best when your role model commits a mistake, you’ll learn from it. The same thing goes with students’ life. If they got low scores in a test or an exam, there is no need to sit & lament about it. Instead, work harder to achieve more next time.

3. Learn How To Overcome Obstacles In Life

Any failure in past life won’t prevent you from being successful in the future. Edison had also faced failures several times in his life while inventing the electric bulb, but he didn’t stop trying. And finally, he got success, the thousandth time.

The same thing goes in the case of students. If a child is facing failure in life many times, it won’t mean that he can’t do anything now. Try, try & try hard until you get success. Life doesn’t stop with adversities.

Remember one thing, “Until & unless you suffer adversities & obstacles in life, it symbolizes that you’re moving on to the right path.”

Every role model has overcome the obstacles of their life. Understanding how your role model deals with his obstacles in life will help you prepare to overcame future drawbacks.

4. Get Inspiration From Your Role Model

Having a positive role model in life inspires us in life about how to get on to work. When you are low with self-motivation, it’s good to imitate someone you like. Think about their struggles, success, and feel inspired to work hard as they did to reach up to the ladder of success. Moreover, imitating someone who has made a great change in his/ her life will surely encourage you to do the same.

5. Be The Best Version of Yourself

Although having a role model in life means to imitate the person you admire, yet the result is to become the best version of you. Imitating someone shows you a set of values and actions to follow, but in the end, you are yourself.

Improve yourself by learning from others’ actions & qualities. One day you can also become someone else’s role model.

There is a famous quote by Norman Vincent Peale, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

This means that even if we are unable to achieve our prime goal, we can still get success in life. For students, it is always required to strive & work hard for getting 100 percent result than they will get at least 80 or 90%. But if they’ll only work for 80%, trust me, they’ll get only 60 to 70 percent marks. It’s a fact!!

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