How To Become A Pilot After 12th In India

How To Become A Pilot After 12th In India

You can begin your career to get your dream of becoming a pilot after your 12th grade. You can also do it after you have graduated. Depending on which protocol you follow, you can become a pilot either civilian or for the military. If you are wondering how to become a pilot after 12th in India then here we mention a complete guide that will help you to achieve your goal without any hassle.

The profession of the pilot has become one of the most revered and sought-out professions, as well as reaping massive benefits. Many students dream of becoming a pilot, but aren’t aware of the method, and drop out of college midway, pursuing another career that has clear limits. Piloting is a challenging but fascinating job. Here is detailed information on how to become a pilot in India for all of those who dream of becoming a pilot but can’t fly in their dreams.

Who is a Pilot?

Who is a Pilot?

Pilots are skilled professionals with high-level training who can fly various types of helicopters and aircraft. The type of aircraft that a pilot can fly depends on the area he/she is qualified to do so. Different pilots are required to operate different aircraft like passenger planes, good aircraft, and mail. India has approximately. There were approximately 8000 pilots in India by 2019 and the demand for this career is growing.

Pilots are responsible to operate the aircraft as well as maintaining its internal systems. They not only fly the aircraft in the air but also maintain and clean them. Pilots are responsible for many tasks during long flights, such as checking that the fuel burn rate is equal to flight duration. Pilots must inform Air Traffic Control if the plane is passing through an area that is not visible to radar, such as an ocean.

How To Become A Commercial Pilot In India After 12th

Step 1:- Candidates must have a student pilot license before they can become commercial pilots in India. To get the SPL, you must have a science stream in your 12th grade.

Eligibility Criteria

Age requirement:– The applicant must be 16 to join a club sanctioned by the DGCA-Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt. from India.

Registering:-Candidates are required to present a medical certificate, a financial guarantee, and a background check.

Entrance Examination:- In order to get SPL authorization, you must pass an oral exam in subjects such as aeronautical meteorology, air navigation, and specific and technical air regulations.

Step 2:- After getting the SPL private pilot license, the applicant must obtain the PPL. Sixty hours of flight time, comprising 15 hours of double flight (conducted by an instructor) and 30 hours of solo flight.

Age requirement:-The minimum age for this course is 17 years. 

Diploma of studies:- 10+2 plus and a medical certificate from the military’s central medical institution.

How To Join Indian Air Force As A Pilot?

How To Join Indian Air Force As A Pilot?

One of the most competitive and environmentally-friendly recruiting methods in India is that of the Indian Defense Force. They screen applicants for many reasons, to an extraordinary degree, before giving them a reputed military award.

There are several ways by which you can join the Indian air forces.

1st Way: Clear The NDA Examination

After the 12th class, the Defense Forces will give you your first chance. At the National Defense Academy (NDA), a three-service academy, trainees from all three branches train collectively before moving to their respective gas stations.

Once you have passed the written exam and the SSB interview, which is one of the most resilient interviews, you are qualified to train with the Air Force Training Team (AFTT).

2nd Way: CDSE

For individuals who want to enter the Air Force, the Combined Defense Services Exams are for them. Selected candidates are educated at the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad.

First, the CDSE will require a written test. Then, there will be an interview with the SSB. Candidates are interviewed and screen for leadership qualities. The best candidates and the most clinical ones are the Indian Air Force.

3rd Way: AFCAT

In order to join the IAF for a specific period, you must take the Common Air Force Admission Test. You can serve only 14 years under this entry program. Selected applicants are trained at the Air Force Academy in Dundigal.

4th Way:- NCC

If you have been an NCC member in the course of your university or college years and features an Air Wing “C” field certificate, you can immediately take the SSB interview if your score on the air Wing “C” was B or higher.

These are all ways to pass the Pilot Aptitude Test. You can take this test only once in your entire life. You will not be allowed to apply for the Indian Air Force pilot position if you fail this exam.

What Is The Cost To Become A Pilot After The 12th?

It is expensive to become a pilot in India. To become a pilot in India costs approximately 45-60 lakhs. The care required for a cadet course can cost as high as seventy-five lakhs.

Flat-price is between 30-40 lakhs to get a pilot’s license and 15-20 lakhs to get a sort score. The type score refers to the mentorship or education you receive beyond the basic flight college education. This education certifies that you are qualified to fly a particular plane.

The sort score price will go up if the plane that you are learning on is more advanced and technically better. The cost of the money is an obstacle to your journey to becoming a pilot. Even though it may seem like a lot, the costs could be quite small. However, your education and existence are dependent on the availability of essential funding.

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