How To Deal With Homesickness At Boarding School

How To Deal With Homesickness At Boarding School

Experiencing homesickness is a prevalent challenge among boarding school students, with a staggering 71% reporting feelings of loneliness or yearning for home during their time away. This emotional struggle not only impacts mental well-being but also casts a shadow on academic accomplishments and social growth.

This phenomenon is especially pronounced among the school list of Dehradun attendees, given the added complexities of relocating to a foreign country. The confluence of leaving home and immersing oneself in a new cultural environment heightens the vulnerability to homesickness. However, there exist several effective strategies for boarding students to address and alleviate homesickness.

Homesickness At Boarding School

Here Are The Ways To Deal With Homesickness at Boarding School:

1. Maintaining Connections Through Video Calls And Social Media

Maintaining Connections Through Video Calls And Social Media

Navigating the challenges of studying abroad can be equally demanding for students of all age groups. Especially in the initial year, the struggle to adapt to a new environment and cope with missing family can be daunting.

A proven strategy to alleviate homesickness involves regular video calls with loved ones. Platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and WhatsApp offer cost-free international communication, enabling the reassuring sight and sound of familiar faces.

Harnessing the power of social media, boarding school students can also stay connected with family, friends, and former classmates from back home. The mere act of scrolling through posts and updates can create a sense of proximity, diminishing the pangs of homesickness before they arise.

2. Embrace National Holidays

While national holidays provide an ideal opportunity for boarding students to reunite with their families, practical constraints might hinder their ability to be present for every occasion. This circumstance can exacerbate homesickness.

International students might realize that the festivities they cherish at home aren’t as widely observed in Dehradun. To counter this, the best boarding school in Dehradun frequently organizes celebratory activities, special meals, and games that align with these occasions, fostering a festive atmosphere within the school environment.

3. Forge New Connections

Forge New Connections

Forming new friendships might pose a challenge for international boarding students, but the rewards are substantial in combatting homesickness. New companions offer companionship, a sense of belonging, and a crucial support network to fend off feelings of isolation.

Schools often facilitate icebreaker exercises to help new students initiate conversations and teamwork. Sharing your homesick experiences with newfound friends can engender empathy, particularly if they are grappling with similar emotions due to their own boarding experiences.

4. Participate in Extracurricular Pursuits

Engaging in extracurricular activities such as sports and arts can serve as a potent distraction from homesickness and contribute to an enriched student life. By actively participating in school clubs, musical endeavors, or athletic endeavors, you not only cultivate skills but also form bonds with peers who might otherwise remain unfamiliar. These interactions can serve as a buffer against homesickness.

5. Nurturing Independence

Nurturing Independence

Despite the initial unease of leaving home, the boarding school experience offers valuable opportunities for personal growth and self-reliance. As you venture beyond familiar territory, the process of adapting to a new environment imparts crucial life skills. Embrace this chance to explore, meet new people, and nurture your independence – all of which can substantially curb homesickness.

6. Plan A Busy Schedule

Mitigating homesickness is greatly facilitated through the adoption of a packed routine. Upon enrollment, your school will furnish you with a meticulously organized timetable outlining your classes, sports, mandatory engagements, and meal periods.

It’s advisable to incorporate some of the strategies mentioned in this guide into your schedule, either prior to or following your regular school hours. However, it’s essential to maintain a record of your newly busy routine to ensure you remain aligned with your commitments.

A thoughtfully structured timetable that harmonizes your academic responsibilities with sports, extracurricular involvements, and moments of leisure holds the potential to effectively counter stress, anxiety, and feelings of homesickness.


In the realm of boarding schools, homesickness is a shared challenge for students, significantly impacting their well-being and academic journey. However, various effective strategies can alleviate this emotional burden.

Regular video calls and social media connections, active participation in school life, forging new friendships, and embracing independence all play a pivotal role in countering homesickness. By crafting a balanced routine, students can curtail these feelings and embrace their boarding school experience fully.

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