Best Boarding School Facilities

The Best Boarding School Facilities for Comfort, Safety, and More

When it comes to choosing the best boarding school, the facilities that they provide become important factors. Based on these factors including comfort, safety, etc, parents and students make their choice of which boarding school should they choose. In today’s blog, we are going to list all the best boarding school facilities provided by these schools. 

Know The Best Boarding School Facilities

1. Modern Dormitories:

Modern Dormitories

Modern boarding schools provide students with the best dormitories. A dormitory is a place where students reside in boarding schools. Boarding schools ensure that dormitories are spacious enough and have all the necessary things in them, including comfortable bedding, Internet access, enough space for storage and study desks, etc. They create a homely environment for the students while they are away from their homes. 

2. Nutritious Dining Facilities:

Nutritious Dining Facilities

Boarding schools are aware of the importance of nutrition in student’s health and academic performance. So they ensure that they get healthy and balanced meals to maintain their good health. For that, they come up with different menu options which are not only delicious but have all the necessary nutrients in it. Many boarding schools prefer using fresh ingredients for student’s meals. 

3. Comprehensive Health and Safety Measures:

Comprehensive Health and Safety Measures

Boarding schools prioritize the health and safety of the students studying in boarding schools. Teachers keep checking on the students 24/7 for their safety. For security they basically implement cameras.  They have on-site health centers for the student’s needs. These health centers are basically staffed with professional doctors and nurses who provide students with the best medical services. 

4. Recreational Facilities:

Recreational Facilities

Boarding schools provide recreational facilities to their students so that they can also enjoy their time along with their studies. They are aware that providing these facilities can help them to grow their interests and they can focus on extra-curricular activities. These facilities include access to playgrounds, swimming pools, etc.  They also provide spacious indoor facilities so that students can hang out with their friends and have fun. 

5. Helpful Academic Support:

Helpful Academic Support

Boarding schools provide the best academic environment. They provide all the academic support that students need. They provide students with libraries that are well-stocked, computer labs with internet access, and all the necessary services related to their academic needs. 

6. Latest Classroom Technologies:

Latest Classroom Technologies

To enhance the learning experience, boarding schools use classroom technologies to make learning more interactive. They make use of interactive displays, auto-visual systems, and smartboards so that students can get the best learning environment. They provide high-speed internet so that students can do their research. Providing these modern technology facilities, boarding schools prepare their students for the modern technological world. 

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7. Modern Gadgets and Advanced Facilities:

Modern Gadgets and Advanced Facilities

The classrooms of boarding schools are basically filled with modern gadgets and advanced facilities. Students have access to interactive tools which helps to improve their learning experience. Boarding schools also provide the latest advanced facilities to their students. Many boarding have science and technology labs to offer to their students. They can do experiments in these labs and learn more and more. 

8. Entertainment:


Boarding schools understand that entertainment is also necessary along with studies. Students can not just study day and night. They need some entertainment activities so that studies don’t end up becoming a burden only. Considering the entertainment needs of students they provide performing arts centers so that the students who love to dance, sing, and do other things for entertainment purposes,  can practice there. They also organize social events, and cultural activities to maintain the interest of the students. 

9. Career Guidance:

Career Guidance

Boarding schools also provide career guidance to their students. They help students to prepare their students for the future so they don’t face difficulties. They guide students in their future study plans, like where should they get their college degree, and what are the best career options after completing their studies. They provide them with various career options. They can choose an option that they like the most which aligns with their interests. 

10. Good Boarding School Location:

Good Boarding School Location

The fact where the boarding school is located, plays a great role when parents decide where they should send their child for studies. The location of a good boarding school always meets the expectations of the parents. A school that is situated away from all the distractions and has a good atmosphere around, becomes the best choice for the parents.

Basic facilities to look for when choosing a boarding school in India

If you are thinking of sending your child to a boarding school, you need to check some basic facilities that ensure the safety of your child. Here is the list of some boarding school facilities you need to look for when choosing a boarding school for your child in India: 

Safety and Security: The safety and security of the child are the most important you need to ensure. These days bullying, violence, and harassment are common in schools. So before enrolling your child in a boarding school you need to make sure how they handle this kind of situation. Do they have rules and regulations for such situations? Do they take legal action against such cases? 

You also need to check the security of the school you are considering choosing. Check whether the cameras are planted all over the school or not. These are some important factors you need to look for while choosing a boarding school.

Academic Facilities: Make sure that the school is equipped with good academic facilities such as a well-stocked library, computer lab, internet access, science experiment labs, etc. These facilities ensure what kind of learning environment these schools provide. 

Co-Curricular Activities: Co-curricular activities in students’s lives are like a small escape from their studies, which is necessary. So make sure that the school provides facilities for these co-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, sports, etc. 

The Pastoral System: Before enrolling your child in a boarding school every parent should look for the pastoral system of the school. However, every school has its own pastoral system, just make sure to take note of all the people who are going to engage with your child’s well-being. 

These were the details about the facilities that boarding schools provide and the facilities you need to have a look at before enrolling your child into a boarding school. 

If you are a parent looking for Dehradun boarding school facilities then it’s suggested to do proper research about the facilities they provide. Choosing a good boarding school depends on the services they provide so that your child receives a good education in a good environment. 

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