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Benefits Of Co-ed School in Dehradun – “THE ASIAN SCHOOL”

The Asian School is a co-educational Boarding School in Dehradun. It has a boarding facility for girls as well as boys too. Located on a large campus in the heart of the city in the posh colony of Vasant Vihar, the school provides curricular, extra co-curricular activities, enhancement of overall well-being of children. Established by the Asian Educational Society in 2001, this school offers English medium co-ed education up to 12th standard.

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Advantages Of Co-ed Schools in Dehradun

The Asian School in Dehradun is a co-ed school in which both boys & girls study at the same time. Benefits of getting co-education have been identified since ancient times when Greek philosopher like Aristotle or Plato, said that “it creates the sense of belonging, command & a sense of responsibility among both genders.” Learning together in the same environment increases the sense of competition among the students as they compete with each other in terms of debating over a given topic, studies, sports & extra activities. All try to excel each other in every aspect. It is a very crucial aspect in the camaraderie with the opposite sex & plays an essential role in each life. Togetherness give rise too many good things for them as well as for the development of the nation. It creates a sense of mutual understanding among boys & girls, respect for each other. They can interact freely with one another, discuss daily issues without hesitation.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities include many activities like art, painting, etc. Extracurricular activities involve rock climbing, horse riding, exercises like yoga, meditation judo, taekwondo, karate practice, and training sessions are also given to the students.

Sports Activities

Every student is expected to take part in one or more sports activity. The best school in India provides sports education & extensive physical education programs. Various sport games like badminton, volleyball, basketball, and cricket are also being played in The Asian school. A large court for games like volley & basketball, skating track and equitably large ground & pitch for cricket is also there.

Cultural Activities

Various cultural programs like singing, dancing, playing cultural music are also organized on the school campus. Traditional, cultural & ethnic songs of different states are sung as well as played or practiced by the students of all class.

Academic Activities

The School has well-equipped laboratories and unlike other schools where there are only one or two lab classes in a week, most of the classes are conducted in the respective Labs. There are special academic periods in time-table for  Art, Craft, Music, Dance, and Yoga up to Class 8th as they are an essential component of the education process.


Nowadays, studying or sending kids to attend co-ed schools is the need for society. Some people used to think that sending girls to the boys’ school may be threatening for her as well for the family. They think that she should marry after attaining the age of marriage (normally). Whereas interchanging of ideas mentally can make them good friends & even better companions in life.

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