Why You Choose The Asian Boarding School?

Why You Choose The Asian Boarding School?

The Asian School is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun. This residential school combines modern technology with Indian traditions and values in an environment where each child is treated as an individual.  The Asian School is a residential school that offers co-educational, English-medium education to students from class Nursery to XII.

Students who come from all across India to our boarding school in Dehradun can take advantage of top-class amenities while obtaining an excellent education. If you want to know more about The Asian School then here we provide you with the best advantages of this boarding school.

Here Know Why You Choose The Asian Boarding School?

1.  Academics Facilities

The Asian School guarantees a high-quality setting where a qualified group of academics delivers a well-rounded educational experience. The school recognizes that society has needs and that each student has the opportunity to make a contribution based on his or her interests and strengths. 

Most science classes are held in “teaching laboratories” at this school, in contrast to most others where students only occasionally visit the labs. In addition to the state-of-the-art physics, chemistry, biology, and geography labs, the school also has a language lab where each student can improve their individual speaking abilities.

2.  School Infrastructure 

The Asian School is one of the best boarding school in Dehradun located on a 16-acre site with peaceful surroundings and lush vegetation. The academic building is a striking structure created by a renowned team of New Delhi-based architects. This residential School is surrounded by vegetation, and there is a recreation space for the students.

The senior boys do not have easy access to the girl’s hostels due to the hostels’ location. Children can engage in recreational activities during downtime in the 25-meter swimming pool, table tennis and badminton halls, gymnasium, three larger sports fields, dining hall, activity rooms, and gymnasium. 

3. Co-curricular Activities

At The Asian School, extracurricular activities are just as important as academics. They help pupils achieve a better mental and physical balance while also developing their aesthetic sensibility. Every course offered on campus is instructed by subject-matter experts. The Asian School works to foster in its children a sense of pride in their cultural heritage. The institution hosts events and workshops by well-known artists every day. 

4.  Community Service

The Asian School believes in fostering social responsibility through both competitive programmes and volunteer work. A natural extension of school activities is community service. Students interact with senior citizens and teach street children from disadvantaged backgrounds various skills that would help them become independent. Children plan charitable events, among other things by making products from recyclable materials for various comfort communities. 

5.  Environmental Activities 

The Asian School is committed to preserving the environment and promoting a greener world. Rainwater is collected, and solar energy is used to heat the water in the hostels’ kitchens. The programme includes nature walks, work on a tree farm, cleaning projects, bird watching, recycling of water and paper, and other things. The paper used in the academy is all recycled and used to make custom paper, file covers, packs, and other things.

6.  Sports and Games

The Asian School is one of the best boarding school in Dehradun believes that teamwork and cooperation are fundamental life qualities that can be learned via sports. Sports programme development and physical conditioning have long been significant components of school life at Asian School. Sport is taught to students as a physical exercise as well as a way to foster teamwork and a spirit of competition.

Students are exposed to the delights of achievement, the value of focus, and the value of collaboration in addition to physical growth and pursuing hobbies. Sport is encouraged from an early age to build a lifelong healthy culture. 

7. Accommodation and Food

There are separate buildings for girls in the school. Facilities for junior boys and senior boys are coordinated, with spacious, open rooms that can easily accommodate 400 students. The bathrooms are just as important to us as the rest of the building. The bathrooms are immaculately clean and have both hot and cold water.

The school kitchen offers hygienically prepared meals, snacks, and soft drinks, as well as options for non-vegetarians. Five days a week, non-vegetarian cuisine is served, and milk is provided three times every day. South Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines are on the menu of this school. The catering manager actively oversees all kitchen operations with the assistance of a nutritionist to maintain the students’ health. 

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