List of Streams After 10th Class

Free from the board exams, wondering about what to choose after 10th?

After you give your class 10 board Exam, you face the biggest decision of your life.

Which stream do you choose?

There are three main streams – Science, Commerce and Arts/Humanities to be opted after class 10th.

In this blog, we will help you about what to choose after 10th.

List of Streams to choose after 10th Class are:

1. Arts/Humanities


Humanities or what is popularly known as the Arts stream is traditionally the least preferred option among students.

Why to choose Arts?

One should know that Arts is a featuring subject with many spellbound career opportunities & many more professions. It should be kept in mind that preparation for the country’s biggest Govt. oriented job exams like I.A.S, I.P.S,  and all other competitive exams can be done easily if one opts for Arts stream.

The major subjects covered under Arts stream are:

1. English
2. Economics
3. History
4. Geography
5. Political Science
6. Hindi
7. Sanskrit
8. Home Science

The major career options under the Arts Stream are:

1. Journalism
2. Teaching
3. Lawyer
4. Graphic Designer
5. Mass Communication and Journalism
6. Hotel Management and Many more..



An educational stream that can be defined as a study of trade & business such as exchange of goods & services from producers to final consumers.

Why to choose Commerce?

Students if have an interest for mathematics, in business and economy, then it is the best stream to choose.

The major subjects covered under Commerce stream are:

1. Business Studies
2. Accountancy
3. Economics
4. Mathematics
5. English
6. Informatics Practices (if not maths)

The major career options under Commerce Stream are:

1. Chartered Accountants (CA)
2. Company Secretaries (CS)
3. Chief Financial Accountant (CFA)
4. Financial Planner
5. Lawyer
6. Bank PO and many more…



Most chosen & popular stream among the students considered by most of the students after 10th is science. The reason behind this is its name & fame both.

Why to choose Science?

Science is very enjoyable subject when the student starts taking interest, it allows one to develop and be much cleverer, intelligent and broad-minded. Studying science helps to explore the world you live in. It allows us to develop more scientific knowledge. Scientists and researchers learn new ideas through research and experiments to find out more about the world.

Students opting this stream must be clear their goals before choosing this Stream. Careers in Science has awe-inspiring payouts but requires high fees, great dedication, long investment, etc.

The major subjects covered under Science stream are:

1. Mathematics
2. English
3. Biology
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Computer Science

The major career options under Science stream are:

1. Engineering
2. Doctor
3. Scientist
4. Astronauts
5. Pharmacists
6. Software Programmers
7. Web Developers and lot more…

Students should choose the subjects according to their interests. Usually, they choose subjects by seeing their friends or in peer pressure. This could make or break your career. After all, decision making is a major sought after skill for students.

Hope, this might be helpful for you in deciding what to do next or which stream to choose after 10th class.


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