Why Are So Many Boarding Schools Located in Hill Stations?

As parents, our biggest concern is to give our kids the finest academics and form their future. In today’s times where competition is cut-throat, this is highly vital to stand aware and well-read. Knowledge and intellect play a prime part in getting you a job with a healthy package. The first move to forming your kid’s future is to enroll them in the better boarding schools in Dehradun. So many people thinking about why maximum boarding schools are situated in hill stations. 

Here Know the Reasons Why Boarding Schools Located in Hill Stations 

  • Climate 

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Dehradun has an exceptionally favorable environment. The summers aren’t very hot and not the winters are very freezing. This is cold but suitable for kids to endure. With a suitable environment, the kids can smoothly adapt and cope with the weather and so this is the right spot to enroll your kids at a boarding school in Dehradun

  • Less Pollution 

Dehradun was once upon a time a small town and now become the city just after it was announced as the capital. The level of pollution and air quality is best than in other cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. Because of the comparatively low pollution levels, the immunity in kids is stronger and so there are some possibilities of them falling sick. 

  • Greenery 

A few of the popular boarding school in dehradun and renowned for their spot. Located away from the noise and chaos of the places with lush green campus surrounded by daily hills and verdant forests, these schools evolve awe for nature and love for nature among students and they respect the climate and are more inclined towards its conservation. 

  • Safety 

We are all aware of the criminal status of metropolitan cities. Dehradun is a manner secure valley where kids can go out hiking on weekends and stand protected. The hostels are under strict security camera solutions and the wardens never let their security guards down and so the kids are highly protected. 

  • Awareness 

A boarding school has kids from all walks of life and so there’s a high cultural diversity. In order to maintain the kids close to their roots and make them friendly with other cultures, boarding schools in Dehradun generally celebrate cultural week each year to inspire acceptance and boost diversity so the kids are aware of the customs, language, and conventions of other religion and portions of the nation. 

  • CBSE Board 

This is constantly preferred to enroll your kid in a CBSE board over an ISCE board. A school regulated by the CBSE board would pay attention just to the compulsory subjects and mitigate the burden of studies for the kids thereby providing them more time to be ready for competitive exams. 

  • Social Life 

The kids studying in a boarding school in Dehradun experience a good social life. Since Dehradun is the academic capital of India, learners from distinct nooks around the nation come to study at these boarding schools. When these schools organize socials, the kids get a good opportunity to complete other kids from distinct walks of life. 

  • Fitness 

Dehradun is blessed to be surrounded by hills and forests. With treks to Shikhar Falls and other small hiking spots, the kids not just get entertainment breaks but also stay fit with hiking trips every once in a while. With hill stations such as Mussoorie, Nainital, Pauri, and more, they learn to evolve a knack for traveling among them and a traveler is always more knowledgeable than an individual who visits less. 

  • Sports 

Dehradun isn’t a concrete belt. With evolvement occurring, there’s always vast land that schools have utilized for sports. The Asian School is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun to give so many spots. The school is very large and they have handled to utilize it judiciously for sports. The school has many game courts where kids can select the sport, they like and polish their talent. 

  • Personality Development 

This is a popular aspect that a kid from boarding school in Dehradun is simple to differentiate from the crowd due to their robust personality. Inclined towards reading, extracurricular activities, and sports, the kids are more aware and confident in comparison to day school kids. 

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