Importance Of Self Confidence In Students Life

How To Build Self Confidence For Students

Confidence is the greatest gift that we can give to the students. The students with physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and motor skills difficulties face a lack of confidence in the class. But the students with a lot of confidence can achieve success in their life. Confidence is a tool that helps the student to manage their problems, challenges, fears, and maintains a positive attitude. A confident student is a happy and fruitful and can face every problem that comes in his life. There are some strategies and activities that teachers and parents can do to build self-confidence in students.

1. Offer Compliments

If students do anything well, then it’s a teacher’s duty to offers compliments or praise for student’s achievement. Teachers can do this in front of classmates or even in private. Doing this builds confidence in students. From a positive statement, students think positive, and it will help them to work on.

2. Don’t Correct Them Every Time

Do not correct every little thing about the student. When teachers always interrupt students when they are talking or doing something, then this will only affect their confidence and self-esteem. Students will think that they are not good at that particular thing and loose interest.

3. Set Achievable Goals

Set achievable goals at the beginning of the session to show students how much they have grown. When students reach their goals, it will help them to build confidence, and they can achieve success in their life.

4. Give Choices To Students

Always allow students to choose what they want to learn. This will help to build self-esteem and confidence in them. When the chance given to the students that they can choose which activities they want to learn will boost their self-worth.

5. Be A Positive Influence For Students

Teachers always have to show a positive attitude to the students and encourage them. If the teachers are not positive in front of students, then this will leave a negative impact on students, and they also lose their confidence. The more positive the teacher, the more positive students will become.

6. Boost Students Strengths

Teachers have to create opportunities for students to boost their strengths. If students have a lot of information about any topic, then ask them to explain it in front of the class. Doing this self-confidence and self-esteem will build in students.

7. Encourage Students

Always encourage students to do better than they did before whether in exams or sports. It is essential to encourage students in every field because this will build self-esteem and self-confidence in students.

Activities To Build Self-Confidence

To build the students’ self-confidence and self-esteem, try these few classroom activities.

  • If students draw a picture in the piece of paper, then instead of punishing, ask them to write a few lines about that picture.
  • Give a chance to students to do the task that they would like to do and also give a time frame to complete that task.
  • Teach new skills to students, even minor, like creating a presentation and test on the blackboard can build self-confidence in students.
  • Encourage students to show their talent in class.
  • When students are not gaining good marks in their exams, encourage them to perform better next time. This will boost the student’s self-confidence.

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