Impact of Mobile Phone on Students Life

Impact of Mobile Phone on Students Life

There is no doubt that a mobile phone is a valuable tool. It facilitates communication among colleagues, friends, and family members. All technologies that provide such benefits come with a set of drawbacks. Mobile phones have a huge impact on students’ life. Are you wondering what is the impact of mobile phones on student’s life? Then we provide you with a complete guide here.

In the last few decades, mobile phones have been rapidly growing. Originally, they were used only to make and receive calls. However, two decades later, there are now mobile devices that not only allow you to make and receive calls but also to listen to music, snap photos, check your health information, etc. Due to mobile phones becoming more reasonable, everyone nowadays carries one or two phones at all times.

Due to the global pandemic the school or college curriculum is to be delivered online, so the students are required to have mobiles. Not everyone has the financial means to purchase a laptop or a computer, so mobiles are a cheaper alternative and take the place of the computer in the online lecture.

Having the convenience of a mobile device gives students an edge. Besides online lectures, people can also use it for entertainment such as movies, games, and social media. We now live in a world that is smaller and more connected than ever before just because of mobile phones. More than 95% of students own a smartphone, and 75% of those phones have internet access and apps.

Students now rely on mobile phones to communicate with each other and access the ever-changing educational resources online. Mobile phones offer students a variety of benefits and challenges. Depending on school regulations, smartphones can either serve as a useful academic tool or a distraction.

In many schools, laptops are not permitted in classrooms. Mobile phones can replace laptops in terms of providing access to free educational and information resources. Mobile phones can be used to capture pictures and videos to help students remember material more easily.

In addition to being a blessing and a curse to the younger generation, many of these phones are also used for education and entertainment, which leads to bad habits like watching blackmail, pornography, and increasing cybercrime.

Positive Impacts Of Mobile Phones On Students

1. Convenience

Students relied on desktop computers in the library to do their homework decades ago because smart mobile phones were not as handy as they are nowadays. The result was a slower pace of research in the classroom. All types of modern technology are incorporated into today’s mobile phones, making them easy to carry around.

2. Access To Information and Technology

After the classroom, learning continues. As they go about their academic lives, students have access to real-time information. Engaging students is enhanced when technology-driven tools are used instead of old-fashioned methods. Almost all modern tech is innovative to keep up with the current technology era. It is one of the best positive impacts of mobile phones in students’ life.

3. Communication and security improvements

Mobile devices can be used by students to notify their parents and guardians where they are at any given time. By monitoring the location of their children, parents can reduce the workloads of administrative staff that would normally have been called upon to transfer messages between parents and their children.

4. Social entertainment

Students are entertained by these mobile devices. While they relax with good movies or music, they take a break from all their academic work. They can also play games or surf the internet on it.

5. Memory

These smartphones are useful during classwork for snapping pictures of difficult diagrams, live recording teacher explanations, etc. Thus, students can refer to the stored data when needed. Without mobile phones, this wouldn’t have been possible.

6 Adaptation To A Modern World

Using this device helps students become familiar with modern skills. Students with mobile phones are granted an advantage in the job market since mobile phones play a key role in several careers.

7 Organizes Yourself

It is one of the positive impacts of phones on students. The tools like alarms, dictionaries, calendars, encyclopedias, notes, and watches make this possible. It makes learning easier.

Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones On Students

1. Distraction

Although phones are very useful, they can also be a distraction. Some students use these phones throughout class or study hours, so there is no time to read. Among the distractions are music, internet, movies, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

2. Risk to health

Recent studies have shown that radiation emitted from the device is linked to chronic health conditions such as cancer and brain tumors. Stress is also caused by sleep deprivation, which affects your health.

3. Cyberbully

On the web, you can still find name-calling, threats, and body shaming. This is something students are exposed to, and it can have a negative impact on them.

4. Examined malpractice

Students can use their phones to answer questions that should be answered straight from their brains. A student who commits malpractice can be expelled from a school, therefore, the child’s education is affected.

5. Wrong Educational Resources

Due to the fact that the internet is free for everyone, it is impossible to ensure all educational resources available online are legitimate. This exposes students to many false and misleading sources of information.

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