How is Technology Changing Education

How is Technology Changing Education?

Much like Parent & Friends, education is also an integral part of an individual’s life. Learning has now become a part & parcel of life for everyone. The real meaning of life doesn’t become successful without proper education. There have been many ups & downs and changes in the educational sector. If we compare modern trends of education to that of long 20-25 years back, we’ll see many drastic changes that took place in the education sector.

One such change could be with the advancement of technology in education. It has reached every aspect of human life. Due to various technological advancements in education, the future of the young generation can be easily seen quite clear & brighter. In short, technology has & will continue to change the face of Education.

Let us know how has technology changed education in the past 20 years.

 1. Methods of Research

Long years ago, if students wish to study, they would have to go through many things like visiting a nearby library & borrowing relevant study material from there. This method is still valid but not a popular one. Because students now can refer education materials online through Youtube Videos, Blogs, Study apps, podcasts, etc.

 2. Smart Boards

Old white/blackboards are also being replace by the use of technology in education. Presently, classrooms & lecture halls are equipped with big projectors that display texts & videos that help students understand the topic effectively as well as quickly.

In addition to this, special pens can also be used to draw on screens for studying arts related subjects.

3. E-Books

No need to strain your backs anymore!

Heavy & bulky textbooks can now be easily replaceable with digital versions of textbook material that students can straightly downward to their devices. However, some of the free digital versions of many popular textbooks are not yet complete, but still, they make it easy for learners to access the content online.

 4. Online Teaching

With the arrival of technology in education, teachers can now upload their lectures & classes online that allow students to access the content sitting anywhere in any part of the world. What all is needed is just a laptop & headphones.

It has also become possible for learners to access & gain new content available quickly on various sites on the Internet. Children can be on vacation but still enjoy their online learning.

 5. Reduction To Costs

Cost-Reduced education has become possible because of technology.

Technology has reduced the amount of cost in accessing education as there is no need to purchase extra learning material that comes costlier. With the use of various technological applications, changing the way of learning & teaching take place has highly benefitted in the field of education. 

6. Rise in Mobile Learning Content

With the help of various mobile learning apps, learning now has become great fun. It helps students to access an amount of content on their mobile devices, PCs & laptops. The rise in mobile learning content can be tracked down to the changes regarding internet accessibility that are presently taking place.

7. Active engagement with learning material

Gone are the days when students would forget everything that they have learned in school years, the moment they stepped out of school. They need to learn new things every time and to be actively engaged in their studies.

And for this, they need the help of online applications, gadgets & various sites that provide them instant access to learning stuff.

8. One-to-one interaction

Teachers & students interaction has now become more comfortable with the onset of technology in education. As now children can quickly get one-to-one with each other even while sitting on the other side of the planet. This can be easily done through the help of instant text messaging, Skype, or by email. In a wholly new way, they can also stay in touch with pen-pals.

These are some of the impacts of technology on education. Digital mode of the medium allows taking the game of education & learning experience to the next level.

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