How Schools In Dehradun Handling Coronavirus Pandemic

How Schools In Dehradun Handling Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 affects the education system worldwide, as the coronavirus cases are spreading rapidly. Not only India but the entire world is going through this Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this epidemic situation, the government of India started at lockdown 3.0 for two weeks more. Apart from India, many countries across the world have also implemented quarantine and lockdown strategies to slow down the spread of this infectious coronavirus. All the things are pause due to this epidemic situation. Whether it is an industry, companies, colleges, or even schools, everything is temporarily shut down because of the widespread coronavirus infection. Most of the major conferences and events are canceled because of this pandemic situation. Nowadays, social distancing and work from home have become the new standard in everyone’s lives.

When it comes to school closures, it’s not only an impact on teachers and students but also has economic and societal consequences. But the Schools in Dehradun only think about the protection of their students. All the schools in Dehradun are closed from March even the exams of the student are postponed because of this virus. Not only the schools in Dehradun but all the schools in India even across the world face this serious situation. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the education system around the world.

There are several effects of lockdown on the schools and student’s life. This lockdown period is challenging for all, but it’s the only way to stay safe and prevent the widespread of coronavirus. The World Health Organization suggested that if you want to stay safe, then stay at your home. The Schools in Dehradun known very well that children are the upcoming future of India and even the world. So, therefore, children is the first priority for Schools in Dehradun. So the question arises that How schools in Dehradun handling coronavirus Pandemic and how they help students to study even in this epidemic situation.

Here Are Some Points On How Schools In Dehradun Handling Coronavirus Pandemic:

1. Started Online Classes

When in this coronavirus pandemic all the schools are closed. The schools in Dehradun started online classes for students so that their syllabus completed on time. The teachers and students both enter into a new world of virtual lectures as the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus closed the schools. The lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic has closed schools and other educational institutions in the city, and now all the students are studied through computers and smartphones screens because the teachers take to online lectures, assessments, and tutorials. Online learning creates a difficult situation for both students and teachers over access and technology; however, it is keeping everyone busy with video lectures, assignments, and worksheets. Schools in Dehradun gives the online classes to students and teachers uploading lectures of their subjects so that students cannot face any problem.

Along with the online classes schools in Dehradun also give the Corona related knowledge to students and teach them how to fight with this pandemic situation. The teachers of schools in Dehradun teach students that don’t go out of your home and stay at home. Follow the social distancing or physical distancing to prevent the spread of this infectious disease. Maintain at least three to six feet distance from the person suffering from cough and cold. Along with all these things, the schools in Dehradun encourage students to do exercise regularly and eat healthy food such as spinach, garlic, broccoli, red bell pepper, citrus fruits and avoid junk so that their immune system boost and they can easily fight with coronavirus pandemic.

3. Sanitize School

The schools in Dehradun sanitize schools completely so that when the schools reopen students cannot face any problems. This virus is spread by respiratory droplets. When someone infected with coronavirus sneezes or coughs, the respiratory droplets that contain the virus can be breathed in by the nearby person. This virus also spread if we touch any surface contaminated with the virus. So the routine cleansing and disinfecting is the key to maintain the safe atmosphere for students, faculty, and other staff. The cleansing removes most of the germs and dirt and is normally done with the water and soap. Clean and disinfect at least regularly on the frequently touched objects and surfaces such as Door knobs and handles, stair rails, classroom desks, and chairs, light switches, shared desktops keyboard and mouse, and many more. All these things minimize disease transmission.

4. Encourage Students to Wash Hands Frequently

Washing hands before and after eating something and using the washroom is all time good habit. But in this coronavirus pandemic hand wash become the most important thing. The schools in Dehradun encourage students to wash their hands frequently. It is not possible to wash hands, again and again, so use sanitizer instead of washing them. The schools in Dehradun encourage and enable regular hand washing which is a proven way to prevent the spread of this disease. Even the experts suggest that wash your hands for 20 seconds to 30 seconds because washing hands can prevent the widespread of coronavirus. The schools in Dehradun teach the importance of handwashing for long-term health. Frequent handwashing with soap and hot water is a proven way to reduce disease transmission.

5. Motivate Students To Wear Masks

Wear mask is essential in this pandemic situation, so the schools in Dehradun motivate students if they are going outside for some urgent work and even at home. Avoid crowded areas and don’t touch any surface because it may be contaminated. The schools in Dehradun also teach students that stay away from the person if he or she is suffering from cough and cold. Covering mouth and nose is important because this virus cannot enter through the skin into the body, the respiratory droplets carrying the virus can get into your mucous or airways membranes of your mouth, nose, and eyes to infect you.

The students are the first priority for schools in Dehradun. So, therefore, the schools in Dehradun take care of students and offering all the possible services to them even in this coronavirus pandemic. To minimize disease transmission, the school routinely disinfect and cleansing all the frequently used surfaces. The schools in Dehradun provides the best education to students through video lectures in this coronavirus pandemic and hope that they stay safe at their homes.

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