Homeschooling In India

Homeschooling In India| All You Need To Know

Due to the pandemic, a new order in the globe is taking place – we all are staying inside our homes. In this pandemic situation, our life has turned for better or more critical we cannot determine. Still, everyone is attempting their best to build and live in a new normal.

The offices have come home, the entertainment has come home, and along with all these, the schools also come home. The students are now following the homeschooling from last year. Here, we mention homeschooling in India – if you want to know what homeschooling is? Then this complete guide will help you out.

Homeschooling in India is a thought that has lived for many centuries. Due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone follows this to protect their children from this virus.

Homeschooling enables students to learn according to their learning speed, get difficulties cleared without any nervousness, and make complete use of the time they have on their hands. But it has its disadvantages too. With time, homeschooling could make learners asocial or shy children.

What Is Home Schooling?

Homeschooling is basically meant teaching children at home rather than sending them to school. It means that the parents take up the complete responsibility of schooling, educating, and preparing the children for the real world. In homeschooling, the children’s timetable and curriculum are determined by the parents and can be jerked according to their weaknesses and strengths.


It is a growing campaign over the nation and the globe where parents teach their children at home. Families opt for homeschooling for many reasons, but nowadays, the main reason to choose to homeschool in India and even across the globe is the coronavirus pandemic.

The versatility that homeschooling has to provide has both pros and cons. So let’s have a look before you determine to homeschool your children.

Pros Of Homeschooling

  • Every child is unique in their way. Homeschooling permits the design of the curriculum depends on the student’s abilities and interests.
  • The requirement for mindlessly learning will be diminished. Kids will fully grasp the subject they are learning.
  • Motivating homeschooling will also set pressure on normal schools to transform their system of education.
  • The children may be weak in one subject, however effective in another. So, parents can accordingly choose material for the kids.
  • Now, there are plenty of methods to get things because of the internet revolution. There are several channels on youtube to help children in teaching themselves.

Cons Of Homeschooling

  • Homeschoolers normally meet up with other homeschoolers from time to time. Those who do not visit such meetups lead to a decrease in the much-required social skills, become introverted in workplaces or colleges, and lose their self-confidence. However, the children who attend school regularly will have great self-confidence.
  • Parents might be specialists in particular subjects, no not all of them. Not all parents will offer the type of education schools offer, especially when they lead up to higher grades.
  • Parents will have to put all their time educating their children. And in case there are two or three children, everything would get more difficult, especially if both parents need to balance their work.
  • When homeschooling preserves parents money spent on school fees, they may have to leave their offices or take up part-time jobs that may harm the family’s financial condition.
  • Children may also miss the various activities school learning has to provide, like creating bonds, making friends, going to trips, taking part in the annual day and sports days events, participating in group activities, etc.
  • Children who are being homeschooled will be more likely to skip the schedule than regular school-going children because of fewer restrictions.

Should Homeschooling Be Encouraged In India?

In today’s world, parents are more educated, and they feel they can teach their children in a better way than schools; along with this, parents are dissatisfied with schools because they charge hefty fees.

But the homeschooling may inhibit social skills if kids do not get the chance of social sites more frequently. If the one who is supervising is not effective, it will put the child’s future at risk.

The parents may not have experience and guiding abilities as well-trained teachers, so it is recommended you send your wards to schools if you are looking for a better future for your kids.

In India, there is absolutely no knowledge considering homeschooling. India’s government has an RTI Act in place that states that mandatory education to every child between the ages of 7-14 should be offered. But, the government has failed to explain any fact considering homeschooling.

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