10 Reasons Why Arts In Education Is So Important For Kids

10 Reasons Why Arts In Education Is So Important For Kids

There have been various studies and articles available online that preach about the idea of integrating arts into the curriculum of the students. While there are many schools which consider art a luxury and choose to throw it away and put their entire emphasis on the academic part.

boarding schools in India, seem to have understood this thing. Not only it plays an important role in developing a child’s mindset, but also helps in providing a well-rounded educational experience. Engaging in disciplines like:

  • Visual arts
  • Music 
  • Theatre  
  • Dance  

Helps in inculcating numerous benefits in the students relating to their cognitive, emotional and social growth. The residential schools offer a unique learning experience that goes way beyond academics. They consider art a comprehensive component of their curriculum. Incorporating arts allows the students to activate their motor skills and make them out-of-the-box thinkers. 

Arts In Education

There are many schools that have started to take arts into consideration and are starting to make it an area of focus. This has led to inculcating a positive culture and an encouraging environment in schools. The art allows the students to engage in collaborative activities. There are various reasons why arts in education is so important for kids. We have created a list that offers insights into it. 

10 Reasons Why Arts In Education Is So Important For Kids:

Engaging in creative pursuits not only allows children to explore their talents and passions but also provides them with a host of lifelong skills and benefits. Let  us know about the 10 reasons here: 

1. Enhancing Self-Expression

Enhancing Self-Expression

Art allows students to express themselves freely, whether through painting, writing, or performing. Boarding schools, that strive to provide a holistic approach to the learning of students understand the significance of self-expression and encourage students to harness their creativity to communicate their thoughts, emotions, and experiences effectively.

2. Nurturing Creativity

It may appear that no brain goes into performing arts whereas, arts enable students to view thighs from a different perspective. Arts help positively impact their academic pursuits and future careers. Thinking imaginatively, allows the students to develop innovative problem-solving skills, enabling students to approach challenges with fresh perspectives and unique solutions.

3. Promoting Collaboration

Promoting Collaboration

While performing art, students get to know about working collectively. Collaboration is an important life skill that must be inculcated in everyone. By allowing students to indulge in artistic experiences, boarding schools facilitate collaborative experiences where students work together to create performances, exhibits, or productions. This way, the students are prepared for future endeavours that require a collective effort.  

4. Improving Emotional Intelligence

The students learn to convey their emotions through art in the form of painting, acting, or writing. They learn to develop empathy and understand the emotions of others. Schools should prioritize emotional intelligence development, recognizing its importance in building strong relationships and overall well-being.   

5. Encouraging Resilience And Perseverance

Encouraging Resilience And Perseverance

Arts often provide some setbacks and challenges. Schools which incorporate art in their curriculum help the students to become resilient and perseverant. The students embrace failure as a stepping stone towards growth and improvement. Through arts education, children learn to face obstacles with determination and resilience.

6. Fostering Imagination And Innovation

Imagination sows the seeds of creativity. Arts education nurtures a child’s imagination, encouraging them to explore new ideas, think abstractly, and visualize possibilities. Exposing them to art from a small age, allows the students to develop their imaginative capacities, preparing them to become innovative thinkers in various fields. 

7. Enhancing Overall Well-being

Enhancing Overall Well-being

Getting engaged in arts education, allows the students to get a positive impact on their overall well-being. It gives them a creative outlet wherein the students can gain self-expression, reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and promote mental and emotional well-being. Schools should recognize the importance of holistic development, and arts education as it contributes significantly to students’ overall happiness and fulfilment.   

8. Motor Skills 

Introducing students to art at a young age allows them to develop motor skills. It is one of the major reasons why art is an important aspect of education. Motor skills refer to muscle movement along with the neurological systems. Simple things like scribbling with crayons to complex things like playing an instrument are important for an individual to develop motor skills. 

9. Building Confidence

Building Confidence

Participating in the arts helps children build self-confidence. Whether it’s performing on stage or displaying their artwork, these things help them to build confidence. Performing arts fosters a sense of accomplishment, empowering students to have faith in themselves and their abilities. Boarding schools helps the student to get engaged in the arts activities so that they can build confidence.     

10. Self-Reliance 

While excelling in academic subjects can boost students’ confidence, there is a distinct value in participating in the arts. performing on stage allows students to get out of their comfort zones. Engaging in the arts provides a unique avenue for personal development and an opportunity to build confidence.


It is quite clear from the above-mentioned reasons that incorporating arts in school allows students to become more aware both academically and emotionally. The schools must recognize the significance of arts in education and create an environment where art is valued and promoted for the holistic development of their students.

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