Reasons To Choose Dehradun For Education

Reasons To Choose Dehradun For Education

Education & Dehradun both are quite synonymous to each other. During the past decade, Dehradun has significantly emerged as a hub for higher education in North India. If we talk about best boarding schools for higher studies, then comes the name of several good schools that provide quality education to all children.

Here Are The Reasons To Choose Dehradun For Education

Let us consider some reasons to choose boarding school in Dehradun for better education:

1. Low or No Pollution

Lying in the valley of the Himalayas & Shivalik hills, the ‘land of God,’ Dehradun is the culmination of good higher studies with the pollution-free environment. Picturesque scenic green views, valleys & top hills make it the best place for further studies.

And if you’re searching the best educational center for the bright future of your kids based on strong capabilities & credentials, then do some research. You’ll find that there are several options to choose from.

2. Pleasant environment

The pleasant climate & quite an environment make it an excellent place to do studies. An inspirational learning environment is offered here in schools in Dehradun that eventually helps them grow better in every field of life.

Also, the temperature here remains quite better as compared to other Indian states. In summers, it rises to around 40 degrees Celsius while in winters; it goes down till 2-20 degrees Celsius.

3. Better ambiance for higher studies

Dehradun is a better place to pursue higher education. After schooling, the serene place has many top colleges & educational institutions to pursue further studies. The city is home to many prestigious schools & colleges, which are all famous for their excellence in imparting superior education to the students.

Dehradun is not only a place for good studies, but also there are different options like games & sports, quality of curricular & extracurricular activities for children. Therefore, schools in Dehradun mainly focus on the inclusive growth & overall development of kids.

4. Home to diverse cultures

People with different traditions, customs, distinct values, ethnic beliefs, races, castes & backgrounds live together in Dehradun with peace & harmony. Also, the residents of the place are so friendly that people coming to visit Dehradun often get attracted by their great hospitality & ethical behavior.

Uttarakhand  is also home to one of the well-known locations for flora & fauna and the cultural diversity in India.

5. Good No. of Institutions, Schools & Colleges

When it comes to education, there come so many educational institutes, boarding & day boarding schools in Dehradun. Ecole Globale International School, the Asian School, the Doon School, Welham Girls’ & Boys’ School,  etc. are some of the famous names that instantly come to every mind while thinking about the education of children. Thus, the city is popularly known as the ‘school capital of India.’

Some of the most reputed & renowned ICSE & CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun are here. Being the educational hub for students, the queen city Dehradun provides an ideal backdrop for a focused career of the young generation.

Well, these are some of the top reasons to choose Dehradun as the best option for higher studies.

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