What is the Procedure to Enter in Navodaya Boarding School?

What is the Procedure to Enter in Navodaya Boarding School?

Entering a boarding school can be an exciting and life-changing decision, but it can also be a daunting one. The Navodaya Boarding School is one of the best schools in Dehradun, and many parents dream of sending their children to this institution. In this article, we will explore the procedure for entering this prestigious boarding school, which is also a girls’ residential school in India.

Step 1: Know the Eligibility Criteria: 

Know the Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to Navodaya Boarding School, you must ensure that your child meets the eligibility criteria. This institution is for girls only, and students must have completed the fifth standard or be between the ages of 9 and 13. It is also essential to note that admission is on the basis of merit and execution in the entrance exam.

Step 2: Obtain the Application Form: 

Obtain the Application Form

To apply to Navodaya Boarding School, you must preferably get the application form. These papers are obtainable online and you can also obtain them from the school’s entry office. Fill in the application form with all the vital details and submit it before the deadline.

Step 3: Appear for the Entrance Exam: 

Appear for the Entrance Exam

After submitting the application document, the following step is to appear for the admission exam. The teachers design the entrance exam to test the student’s proficiency in various subjects, including Mathematics, English, and Science. The exam is in various centers across the country, and the dates and venue are there on the school’s website before the exam.

Step 4: Wait for the Results: 

Wait for the Results

Once the entrance exam is over, the school will release the results within a few weeks. Students who score well in the exam we call the student for an interview with the school’s admission committee if the student score well in the exam. An interview is an option for the school to get to comprehend the student and assess their expediency for the institution.

Step 5: Pay the Fees: 

Pay the Fees

After the interview, if the student is pass, the next step is to pay the fees. Navodaya Boarding School offers various fee structures, including full fee payment and installment options. It is paramount to read and comprehend the fee system before paying the fees.

Step 6: Join the School:                                              

Join the School

Once the fees are paid, the final step is for the student to join the school. The school provides a list of required items for students, such as uniforms, books, and other essentials. It is paramount to confirm that all the necessary items are purchased before the student joins the school.

Navodaya Boarding School is a top-ranked boarding school in Dehradun, and it is a girls residential school in India that offers an exceptional learning experience to students. The school has a strict code of conduct, and students have to follow the rules and regulations at all times.


If you are looking for a boarding school in Dehradun, Navodaya Boarding School is an excellent option to consider. With a rigorous academic program, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced faculty, this institution provides students with the best possible learning environment. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free admission process for your child.

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