Innovative Teaching Methods in Boarding Schools

Innovative Teaching Methods in Boarding Schools

Learning standards have been approached differently by schools in recent times. With the emergence of the 21st century, there is a growing emphasis on practical-based learning as opposed to just relying on books. Nonetheless, boarding schools have managed to excel in standardized education systems by promoting practical learning.

Teaching Methods

Boarding schools are successfully transforming inquiry-driven classrooms and are promoting questioning and interrogation within these classrooms. This has become common practice in the top schools in Dehradun. Let’s take a closer look at how these institutions are creating their inquiry-driven classrooms.

Here Are Ways Of Teaching Methods in Boarding Schools: 

1. Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

Embracing the strides of contemporary advancements, boarding schools have shifted their focus towards fostering dynamic learning experiences rather than confining students to traditional textbooks.

This paradigm shift towards activity-based learning encourages students to actively question educators, thereby enriching their understanding of various subjects.

Through practical and interactive learning methodologies, students are empowered to not only absorb knowledge but also cultivate critical thinking skills.

2. Engaging Sessions

The implementation of engaging sessions is a cornerstone of modern education. Recognizing that students might sometimes find conventional learning methods monotonous, boarding schools proactively design classrooms that stimulate curiosity and participation.

These institutions prioritize fostering a dynamic question-and-answer (Q&A) environment that sustains students’ interest, thereby cultivating a culture of active learning and forging stronger teacher-student relationships.

3. Finding Connections

Finding Connections

An intriguing facet of contemporary teaching lies in educators’ ability to transcend the confines of textbooks. Skillful teachers in boarding schools adeptly interconnect different topics, drawing intriguing parallels that spark students’ intellectual curiosity.

This approach not only broadens their understanding but also equips them with the ability to deduce solutions through critical analysis. Boarding schools stand firm in their commitment to nurturing students who are well-prepared for future challenges.

4. Technology Tools

In this era of technological innovation, education is progressively embracing digital tools. Boarding schools leverage technology-driven learning, utilizing search engines and other tools to expose students to multifaceted aspects of subjects.

This approach kindles student interest, making learning more interactive and engaging. The fusion of interactive learning with technological integration forms a potent educational strategy.

5. Listen


The essence of inquiry-driven classrooms rests significantly on educators’ receptivity to students’ queries. Creating an atmosphere that kindles inquisitiveness and fosters research is made possible by instructors who carefully heed their pupils’ inquiries.

This personal interaction nurtures a sense of assurance among students that their doubts are acknowledged, further enhancing their engagement with the subject matter. Esteemed institutions like the CBSE residential school in Dehradun adeptly employ these strategies, fostering a culture of active participation and continuous learning.

6. Taking Time With The Curriculum

Recognizing the need for students to assimilate and internalize concepts at their own pace, it is imperative for educators to provide sufficient time for reflection and contemplation. Rushing through topics can undermine students’ grasp of the subject matter.

Boarding schools excel in granting students dedicated time frames for reflection, allowing them to delve deeper into concepts and pose questions to educators. The boarding school environment encourages educators to promote inquiry-driven classrooms, facilitating a holistic and comprehensive learning experience for students.

With the current situation, various industries have become highly competitive. Sonipat’s top five schools provide an inquiry-based educational environment that prepares their students with professional skills upon graduation. Teachers are adept at recognizing their students’ curiosity, and boarding schools have been highlighted as standouts in this area.


Schools in Dehradun have embraced innovative teaching methods that prioritize dynamic learning experiences over traditional approaches. Through practical-based learning, engaging sessions, interconnected curricula, technology integration, attentive listening, and personalized pacing, these institutions foster inquiry-driven classrooms that cultivate critical thinking and active participation.

Taking a proactive approach and equipping students with essential skills is crucial in preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century. By doing so, they will not only be able to adapt to changes but also thrive in a constantly evolving world.

It’s important to nurture a growth mindset and encourage continuous learning to ensure success in their future endeavors Boarding schools stand out as pioneers in nurturing curious minds and creating a holistic learning environment, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

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