Junior Spell Bee Contest 2023-24
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The Intra-Class Spell Bee Competition for the Junior Wing for Classes 4 & 5 was held in the school auditorium at “The Asian School” on 18th August 2023 & for Classes 1, 2 & 3 it was held on 19th August 2023. There were 12 students from each class who qualified for the semi finals. A group of teachers facilitated the smooth organization and execution of the event.

Students participated in all the 3 rounds with great enthusiasm and dueled through the toughest words to prove their mettle.

The 3rd buzzer/ visual round left the audience spellbound. The following students buzzed away to success and became the Spell Bee Masters.

Class 1 – Saanvi Singh

Class 2 – Aayansh Kandari

Class 3 – Manasvi Pandey

Class 4 – Drishti Kafalia

Class 5 – Devyanshi Chauhan

The competition was a wonderful learning experience and served to enrich the vocabulary bank of the students which made them aware of spellings and usage of new words.

The Principal of “The Asian School” Ms. Ruchi Pradhan Datta advised the children on the importance of spellings and the correct usage of English language. The Headmistress Ms. Prachi Mehrotra also praised the students for their participation.