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12 April 2024 – Late Sardarni Kawaljeet Kaur Juneja Cup The Abhimanyu Cricket Ground in the serene Guniyal Gaon bore witness to a gripping clash as the Asian School Staff faced off against their students in the highly anticipated Late Sardarni Kawaljeet Kaur Juneja Staff Vs Students Cup.

In a strategic move, The Asian School Student’s won the toss and elected to bat first. This decision set the stage for an intense battle as the student team, under the leadership of Divyansh Kalra and Prakhar Singh, displayed remarkable prowess, setting a challenging target of 239/9 in 22 Overs.

Undeterred, the Asian School staff, led by Gaganjyot Juneja and Chand Babu, took to the crease. However, they faced formidable opposition from the student bowlers. Despite their efforts, they managed to reach only 125/9 by the end of their innings.

The Asian School Cricket

Harshvardhan Singh’s stellar batting performance earned him the title of Best Batter, while Suraj Singh Negi’s exceptional bowling skills secured him the title of Best Bowler.

However, it was Aarush Pratap Singh who emerged as the true hero of the match, earning the prestigious title of Man of the Match for his outstanding contribution to the team’s victory.

The trophy was presented amidst cheers and applause by esteemed guests and school officials, including Mr. Madanjeet Singh, Vice President, Mr. Gaganjyot Juneja, Director, Mrs. Ruchi Pradhan Datta, Principal, Col. Sumit Datta, Mr. Mukesh Nangia, Head of Senior School, HOD Sports Sanjay Singh Rana, Ms.Prachi Mehrotra, Headmistress, Deputy Head Junior School, Mrs. Surbhi Narula along with the dedicated staff and talented students of The Asian School.

This thrilling encounter showcased not only the competitive spirit but also the camaraderie and sportsmanship within the Asian School community, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.