11th All India Asian Challenge Basketball Tournament 2024
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The prestigious 11th All India Asian Basketball Tournament 2024 which started on 26th April with an exhibitional match between The Asian School and Sacred Souls School, Chandigarh, in which the host school, The Asian School, Dehradun won by a handsome margin of 61/18. The results of the other two league matches played on the inaugural day i.e. 26 th April were:- The Doon School, Dehradun Vs. Tulas International School, Dehradun, in which The Doon School won by 51/22 score. The second match was played between Corvuss American Academy, Mumbai Vs. Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugramin which Corvuss American Academy, Mumbai won by 89/45 score. The fourth match was played between Pestle Weed School, Dehradun Vs. Wood Stock School, Mussoorie in which Pestle Weed School won 56/43.

On Day 2, i.e. 27 th April (morning session) league match between Corvuss American Academy, Mumbai Vs. Doon International School, Dehradun, was played in which Corvuss American Academy won the match with the score of 53/39. In the match played between Wood Stock School, Mussoorie Vs. New Public School, Chandigarh, Wood Stock School won the match with a score of 48/43. The last match of the morning session was played between The Asian School Vs. Sri Ram School Gurugram, The match was won by The Asian School with a lead of 65/41 score. A lot of enthusiasm and exhilaration was seen in the players as well as the audience during the matches. The students cheered full-heartedly for their school team.

The 11th All India Inter School Basketball Tournament continued its exhilarating journey on Day 2. In the first match of the evening, Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie, faced off against Tula’s International School, Dehradun. Wynberg-Allen School dominated the court with an impressive victory and a margin of 40/8.

The second match of the evening unfolded between Sacred Souls School, Chandigarh, and Shri Ram Centennial School. In a closely contested battle, Sacred Souls School, Chandigarh emerged triumphant, with a scoreline of 25/21.

Day 3 i.e. 28th April, the morning session kicked off between The New Public School, Chandigarh, and The Pestle Weed School, Dehradun. Pestle Weed emerged victorious with a narrow margin of 39/34. The following match was between Doon International School, Dehradun, and Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugram. Doon International School won with a final score of 54/41.

The morning session concluded with an impressive match where Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie, faced off against The Doon School, Dehradun. Wynberg-Allen School secured a convincing victory with a scoreline of 53/45.

As the tournament progresses, each match continues to captivate audiences and highlight the exceptional talent and competitive spirit of the participating schools.

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