Harela Festival

Harela Parv, which is celebrated every year during the advent of the Monsoons, is rooted in the ethnic and folk culture of Uttarakhand. lt symbolises the restoration of nature’s vitality at the arrival of refreshing showers laving the earth. During this time, plantation of trees is advised to preserve and augment Uttarakhand’s picturesque beauty, lush green vegetation and rich natural heritage.
The students of The Asian School, in order to be a part of this noble cause, enthusiastically participated in planting trees in their vicinity or in gardens situated within the precincts of their house. However, social distancing was maintained to curb the spread of COVID-19. Saplings of various species of trees were carefully planted and watered. These tiny plants would one day grow up to bless humanity with fresh air, myriad melodies of birds and shade various trees were planted in the school premises by the school authorities a list of which has been attached here under.