Har Ghar Dhyan Session Organised Under The Aegis of The Art of Living Organisation As Referred by CBSE .
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As reported by Snigdha Jaiswal
(Pgt Economics , The Asian School
Faculty – The Art of Living)

On 1.12.2022 and 3.12.2022 the students (boarders) of class 9-12 participated in the introductory session conducted by The Art of Living organisation . The session was conducted from 3.30 pm-4.30 pm . 2 very senior trainers from The Art of Living were invited to attend the session, Mrs Alka Gulati and Mrs Mona Agarwal . They have had a long 20 year association with the organisation and have conducted stress management session for people from all walks of life.

The session comprised of the following segments:

•A clap game to realised the importance of being 100% in any activity.
• Merits of being 100% were discussed
⦁ One is naturally happy in that moment
⦁ there are no regrets
⦁ time is saved
•Bhastrika technique and meditation : This was an instant energy booster and relaxed the students.
• relationship between teachers and students: this point was given with the help of a beautiful story.
• experience sharing by the students.

Children and teachers felt relaxed after the session and had satisfying experience. A realisation had set in that a relaxed mind is more focussed than a chaotic mind .

Some pictures from the session is attched below.