Best Army Boarding Schools in India

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    Best Army Boarding Schools in India

    Army Boarding schools in India provide top-quality facilities for their kids to pursue future career opportunities. These schools are noted for providing a comprehensive education in a military-based setting during your education years, allowing you to acquire self-discipline and other elements that contribute to a good life cycle.

    These schools are known to operate on a variety of levels, ranging from regular classes through graduate courses, and then specifically preparing for the armed forces. Students who desire to pursue careers in the military should surely attend these schools to help them realize their dreams. Almost all army schools in India are linked with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); however, some schools are managed by the Ministry of Defence or the Government of India, or through the Army Welfare Education Society.

    List of Army boarding schools in India

    1. Army Public School, Dehradun

    Army Public School Dehradun

    Army Public School, Dehradun is one of the best Army boarding schools in India. This school adheres to the CBSE curriculum. The school offers classes for students in grades I through XII. It began as a primary school on October 1, 1980, and was later upgraded to a secondary school in May 1982, and then to a Senior Secondary School in 1990. Army Public School in Dehradun aspires to be a center of academic achievement, a technologically lively institution of learning, and a preferred place to learn. A place where students are encouraged to grow as citizens and leaders who are devoted and compassionate.

    2. Army Public School, Chennai

    The Army Public School is an Indian public school in Chennai. It is run by the Indian Army Welfare Education Society and is supervised by the Indian Army. It is the flagship of the Indian Army Public School system. It began with 300 pupils and 15 teachers in May 2009 as the Golden Palm Army School, which was opened by Maj. Gen. E J Kochekkan. In April 2010, the school received its current name, Army Public School, and became the 127th member of the Indian Army Public Schools.

    3. Army Public School, Bareilly

    Army Public School in Bareilly has established itself as one of the pioneering institutions, providing all of the necessary facilities for quality education while being competitive in the global marketplace. The school has created a curriculum that is aligned with worldwide standards, allowing our students to compete successfully on a national and international level, as well as pursue studies placements in the job market. Army School Bareilly Cantt was founded on July 8, 1987, with 100 pupils from kindergarten to eighth grade, and it was affiliated with the CBSE in March 1989.

    4. Army Public School, Dagshai

    Army Public School Dagshai

    Army Public School, Dagshai is one of the best Army schools in India. It’s perched atop the Dagshai Hills. The school was founded in 1986 by General K Sunderji and General R S Dayal under the auspices of HQ Western Command. It is a CBSE-accredited co-educational residential school that is a member of the Indian Public Schools’ Conference. Army Public School Dagshai aspires to be a leader in teaching and learning by delivering a high-quality education to a diverse population. We cultivate visionary, eloquent, and ethical leaders who are prepared to achieve their greatest potential in both leadership and life.

    5. Army Public School, Subroto Park

    New Delhi’s Army Public School, Subroto Park is a school. It was established in November of 1983. This Army Public School in Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt, is one of the best boarding schools in the area. It is a member of the Indian Public School Conference and one of India’s finest boarding schools. The school is run by the Indian Army’s defensive wing. It is a CBSE-accredited CBSE co-educational school. This school uses English as its medium of teaching and follows a curriculum that is aligned with the country’s educational system.

    6. Army Public School, Kamptee

    Army Public School Kamptee

    Army Public School is a public high school in the United States Throughout its history, Kamptee was known as Garuda Public School and served students in grades I through VI. Guards Regimental Centre Kamptee was in charge of the facility. In April 2007, the school was renamed Army Public School Kamptee. The school was taken under the aegis of AWES during this year, and senior secondary classes VIII through X began in 2011. Army Public School is a public high school in the United States Kamptee strives to provide a learning environment that promotes and empowers all of its members to acquire a strong sense of civic responsibility, a strong sense of justice, and a firm conviction in honesty and integrity.

    7. Army Public School, Jodhpur

    Army Public School Jodhpur

    The Army School, Jodhpur, was established on July 1, 1992, and is one of India’s premier Army schools. With 247 pupils in grades I through V, this school was formed. The AWES gave it their seal of approval. In 1996, the first batch of 16 students brought honor to the institution by clearing the CBSE class X Board Exam. This institution is dedicated to nurturing young minds and providing them with numerous opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in both scholastic and co-scholastic settings.

    8. Army Public School, Pune

    Army Public School Pune

    Army Public School is a public high school in the United States Pune is regarded as one of the region’s best educational institutions, as well as one of the country’s best Army Public Schools. It has achieved huge achievements in academics, sports, and co-curricular activities since its foundation in 1988, producing city-toppers in class XII board results and champions on a variety of platforms. The CBSE board is followed by the school, which was founded under the umbrella of AWES. It provides high-quality education to children of military personnel and also accepts pupils from the civilian community.

    9. Army Public School, Bhuj

    The Army Public School in Bhuj is one of India’s greatest army schools. The school began as Flamingo Toddlers School on June 27, 1980, with the goal of serving the station’s primary education needs. On April 1, 1993, the institution changed its name to Army School and received recognition from AWES Army HQ. In 1996, the Central Board of Secondary Education granted the school affiliation. The school has a robust infrastructure to help it achieve its goals of providing high-quality education.

    10. Army Public School, Narangi, Guwahati

    In 1982, the Army Public School in Narangi, Guwahati, was established. It is an Indian Army Public School located in Guwahati, Assam, India’s Army Cantonment of Narangi. The library at the school is well-stocked. Students are encouraged to make full use of it in order to build a healthy reading habit. By committing ourselves to the development of morally balanced and technically well-versed Global citizens of the future, this school seeks to provide excellence in all realms of learning, cognitive, emotional, creative, and physical, in a safe and caring environment.

    11. Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer

    Rashtriya Military School is one of the Best Military School in India. Ajmer, which is set over 92 acres and has a magnificent view of the surrounding hills, was founded on November 15, 1930, as King George’s Royal Indian Military School to educate the sons of defence personnel. The school was reorganised on public school lines in 1952, and the entrance was opened to the sons of defence officers and civilians. The Indian Public School Conference accepted the school in 1954. In 1966, the school was renamed Military School, and the ancient motto was changed to ‘Sheelam Param Bhushanam,’ which means ‘character is the highest virtue.’

    12. Sainik School, Balachadi

    The Sainik School Balachadi in Jamnagar, Gujarat, is one of the most prestigious Sainik schools in India, with a network of 30 Sainik Schools. It is one of Gujarat’s most prestigious boarding institutions for public education. It was founded in July 1961 by Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then-Minister of Home Affairs. It is an exclusive English medium fully residential boarding school for boys that provides a premium public education with a military bias up to the CBSE XII stage. The school is located 32 kilometers from Jamnagar’s main city, in a seaside region in the Balachadi Estate.

    13. Army Public School, Madhopur

    In the list of Army Schools in India the Army Public School, Madhopur is also on top. It began its journey in 1993 under the leadership of Col. P.S Dogra and Principal Mrs. Santosh Dogra. Within the Military area, the school is situated on the lush green bank of the river. Classes I through V were the first to be taught at the school. CBSE acknowledged it in April of 1999. To provide holistic learning in a value-based environment that fosters integrated young minds with aesthetic appreciation and scientific involvement, allowing them to develop into competent, confident and responsible contributors to the future.

    14. Army Public School, Mathura Cantt

    Mathura Cantt Army Public School was established on July 23, 1984, to suit the expanding educational demands of Defense Personnel children. On July 1, 2011, the school was renamed Army Public School Mathura Cantt. The school’s goal is to provide a high-quality English-medium education that ensures the children’s overall development. The school offers the three courses of Science, Commerce, and Humanities up to standard XII. This Army Public School will instill a desire for academic and intellectual greatness in each student and provide an environment conducive to acquiring the information and skills necessary to be a successful global citizen.

    15. Army Public School, Gangtok

    Army Public School in Gangtok was founded in 1975 to meet the educational needs of army personnel’s children. The Army Welfare Education Society is in charge of it. This co-educational school is currently associated with CBSE and sends out batches for secondary school Board Examinations. Young minds are pitted against tremendous changes in their environment in this ever-changing culture.

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